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Photo Gallery: ODU vs Penn St. 8/30/2013
Action photos of the ODU-Penn State Field Hockey game, 8/30/13.
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  • 480 640 Coach Andrew Griffiths talks to the team during the Penn State game 211338557 ODU Sports
    480 640 Teisha King vs Penn State, 9/30/13. 211338550 ODU Sports
    480 640 Danielle Clutter vs Penn State at the L. R. Hill Complex in Norfolk. 211338551 ODU Sports
    480 640 Katy Fuhrman vs Penn State, 9/30/13. 211338552 ODU Sports
    480 640 Sarah Breen vs Penn State, 8/30/13. 211338553 ODU Sports
    480 640 Kelsey Smither scored for Odu vs Penn State. 211338554 ODU Sports
  • 426 640 Megan Hept makes a save in the Penn State game. 211338555 ODU Sports
    480 640 Megan Byers vs Penn State at the Hill Complex. 211338556 ODU Sports


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