Academic Services - 2017-18 Staff Coaches/Sports Staff
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Hill, Ragean Associate Athletics Director-Student-Athlete Academic Services 757-683-6936
Pottinger, Lamarr Director of Student-Athlete Development/Athletic Academic Advisor 757-683-3709
Barrow, Jackie Director of Community and Engagement 757-683-3359
Cousins, Erin Director of Student-Athlete Educational Support Services 757-683-5578
Eden, Kristin Athletic Academic Advisor/Tutor Coordinator 757-683-4014
Lund, Sonja Student-Athlete Support Counselor 757-683-9079
Johnson, Dorianne Athletic Academic Advisor 757-683-7112
McCall, Meredith Athletic Academic Advisor 757-683-6893
King, Josh Athletic Academic Advisor/Student-Athlete Development Coordinator 757-683-7110