Q&A With ODU Football's Bobby Cooper

November 05, 2008
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Nov. 5, 2008

A weekly Q&A with an Old Dominion University football player



Bobby Cooper



Davidsonville, Md. 



When did you begin playing football?

When I was 6


Why did you choose to attend ODU?

It was a chance to be on the first team in 60 years and start a tradition.  Also the chance to play in the CAA was too good to pass up.


What has been the biggest difference between high school football and college football?

The mental part of playing quarterback and having to know what every player on the field is going to do. 


What has it been the best part about being a member of ODU’s first football team in over 60 years?

The excitement not only around campus, but even when we go to restaurants, people already know who we are. 


If you could play another position what would it be and why?

Safety because I played it in high school and some schools were recruiting me to play it. 


Favorite sports other than your own?



After meeting Coach Wilder for the first time, what were your thoughts?

He was honest with me from the first time I talked to him, when he came to my school his excitement for the program really rubbed off on me. 


After meeting Coach Whitcomb for the first time, what were your thoughts?

I was excited because he had played for Coach Wilder and he knows what is expected. At the same time he knows what is difficult and his advice is better than anyone else because he is only two years out of playing in this offense.


Do you have a pre-game ritual, if so what is it?

I like to keep to myself before games and try to imagine myself doing everything right while going over all of my assignments. 


What is your funniest memory from an ODU practice this far?

When Coach Whitcomb catches for the QB's and tries to say he’s a hybrid tight end.


If you could line up opposite any player in the NFL and go 1-on-1, who would it be and why?

Being a quarterback I would throw to Chad Johnson, I love his game and his personality.


What song is stuck in your head right now?

Lil Wayne- I’m So Paid 


What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I like to read Harry Potter and watch the movies. 


What is your dream job?

 Quarterback for the Washington Redskins


What is your most valued possession?

Cell Phone 


What is your favorite place to eat on campus?

Taco Bell or Subway