PRESEASON CAMP UPDATE: Day Sixteen - Students Come Out In Force

August 24, 2009
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Aug. 24, 2009

Student Ticket Line Up Photo Gallery

NORFOLK, Va. -- Over 1,200 Old Dominion University students were in line at 10 a.m. this morning and over 2,500 student tickets were distributed Monday for the ODU football team's inaugural game against Chowan on September 5th.

"It was inspiring," said head coach Bobby Wilder. "The first thing I did was come back and tell our players about it this morning. I drove past there last night and they were already having a good time and the place was packed. Then when I drove past this morning at 6 a.m. and it looked the same to me as it did last night. They were all out there having a great time."

Head coach Bobby Wilder and his staff visited with those students who had camped out over night bringing those in line donuts in the early morning hours. Those first in line had begun their wait for tickets at noon the day before.

"To go over this morning, getting to talk to them, and spend some time with them," said Wilder, "they are just so excited about football. Everything was 'coach, I can't wait', 'definitely want to be there' ,and 'that's why we stayed here last night'. Then when I came over here and told the team today, I think that helped us. I think that gave the guys a little more energy to practice when they knew their classmates were over there ready to see them play."

Wilder made it a point to tell his squad, "You're tired, we're starting our third week of camp, and I know you want to get to the season. Use this as motivation to help you focus and get through this period of how tired and sore you are, knowing that your classmates were out there standing in line this morning wanting to see you play."

The Monarchs will head into their third scrimmage tomorrow. All scrimmages are closed to the public.

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