ODU Football Locker Room Second To None

July 30, 2008
By ODU Athletics
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July 30, 2008

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Norfolk, Va. - With players set to report for camp on Aug. 13, the new Old Dominion University football locker room is nearly complete and a quick walkthrough shows that the Monarchs spared no expense. Located in the new $17 million Powhatan Sports Complex, the locker room features the most comprehensive lockers available, room for up to 98 players and six high-definition flat screen televisions.

Designed by GearBoss, the athletic wing of Wenger Corporation, in conjunction with ODU head equipment manager Jerry Fife, the lockers are made of a composite wood with an antimicrobial polyester laminate finish that will aid in protecting players and staff against MRSA and staph infections. The Monarchs are just the second program in the country to utilize this design and technology. The lockers are 32 inches wide and feature helmet and shoulder pad racks with fans atop each unit, allowing equipment to dry overnight. There is also a ventilated foot locker with drying racks at the bottom of each locker where cleats and gloves can be stored to dry without leaving debris throughout the locker room. In addition, players have a personal cubby with a programmable digital lock to secure their valuables.

The Powhatan Complex also features a player's lounge to accommodate student-athletes in between their academic and athletic responsibilities. The lounge is located on the first floor of the facility and also has a high-definition flat screen television, lounge chairs and sofas.

"We could not be more pleased with the players' locker room and lounge we have for our football players at Old Dominion," says head coach Bobby Wilder. "The feedback we are receiving from our players as well as recruits is that it's the nicest they have seen. In my 26 years in college football at both the I-A and I-AA level, it's the finest I have been involved with. When we designed the areas we wanted three things that we felt would be important to our players: 1. comfort - an area they could prepare for practices and also relax and talk to their teammates. 2. clean - an area that the players would be proud of and would be kept looking brand new all year long and 3. wow factor - an area where players and recruits alike would be excited when they walk into the locker room or the players lounge. If you are going to have a championship program you need to have the best facilities and we feel like we have the best to offer here at Old Dominion."