Practice 3 - Excited To Put Pads On

March 30, 2010
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

March 30, 2010

NORFOLK, VA-- The sun was shining bright on a great afternoon and the Monarchs couldn't wait to put the pads on get at it with some contact.


"The kids were excited to get our there with some pads on." Said Bobby Wilder. "That was the number one thing, you could tell the energy level was even higher than it was on Saturday.

They had a lot of juice Saturday, but today to get the shoulder pads on, because what that means to them is that now we can have some physical contact, and that's why we love to play football," added Wilder.

The biggest thing we were able to get done today that I was please with, was that we were able to play at full speed, and keep guys up off the ground. You always worry as a coach when they don't have pads on is that someone gets rolled up on and hurt,and then you got to change the drill.

We've gotten to the point now where we can practice full speed and have collisions like we had out here and keep people off the ground. We were playing fast and staying off the ground, we were competing.

No. 1 thing we were trying to get accomplished is that they compete on every play and they want to win every play, and I saw a lot of that today.

We will be in full pads Wednesday to play some tackle football. They are getting excited because they know this will be the first time since the VMI game back in November that they get to play some tackle football.

We will really start to focus on situations, like third an long, third and short, down and distance. Where we can dictate to the kids here is the down and distance and you have to know what's going on. We want to put them in situations to test their awareness."

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