PRACTICE UPDATES: Practice #2: Faster With More Energy

March 28, 2010
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

March 28, 2010

NORFOLK, VA - With improved conditions from yesterday, the Monarchs were more enthusiastic in their second practice.

"Back to back practices are usually a challenge, but I thought we were faster, and there was more energy today," Head Coach Bobby Wilder said. "The tempo was outstanding!"

Coach Wilder's message to his squad was simply, "Compete," a theme that Coach wants to continue throughout spring practice.

"The number one thing I want to improve on is competing across the board," Wilder stated. "We have to be able to go all out on every rep over a two hour practice."

Notable performances included quarterback Dominique Blackmon from Carson, California. He showed poise in the pocket in only his second practice with ODU. In one notable play Blackmon looked off his first and second receivers and hit his third option over the middle. Coach said of Blackman, "It's impressive when you have a new quarterback in a new system show the presence and poise he showed today."

Coach Wilder ended today's practices by emphasizing the importance of class work and grades.

"You don't expect to do well on the field without studying the playbook and practice film," Wilder said. "The same goes for your education."

Monarch Moments:

Thomas DeMarco hit red shirt freshman running back Desmond Williams in the flat which resulted in a sixty-yard touchdown.

In a lighter moment during one on one drills Coach Wilder wrapped wide receiver Nick Mayers in the field goal net in which he became entangled after receiving a long bomb in the endzone from DeMarco.

Stay tuned to for more updates from spring practice!

-ODU- Alex Arain picked off an errant pass which sent the defensive unit into an uproar.