ODU Places Second in Varsity 8 at San Diego Crew Classic

April 09, 2013
By ODU Athletics
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April 7, 2013


SAN DIEGO, Calif. - The Old Dominion University rowing team took part in another two races in the 40th Annual San Diego Crew Classic on Sunday. The Lady Monarchs placed second in the Varsity 8 and finished in sixth in the Varsity 4 races.

Old Dominion came within one second of winning the Varsity 8, as they finished in: 6:59.43. Sacramento State ended up capturing the Cal Cup, as they finished in: 6:58.50. The Lady Monarchs' time was fast enough to beat: St. Joseph's, SMU, KSU, SDSU and Villanova.

ODU finished in sixth place in the Varsity 4 race with a time of 8:02.84. KSU (7:44.80) ended up placing first, USD (7:47.46) took second and Iowa (7:52.82) finished in third place.

The Old Dominion University rowing team received a vote in the most recent NCAA CRCA/US Rowing Coaches' Poll.

The Lady Monarchs will be back in action on March 13-14 in Cherry Hill, N.J., where they will compete in the annual Knecht Cup.

Saturday's Results
In the Collegiate 4+, Old Dominion completed the race in 7:51.25, which was good enough for a fourth place finish. The only three schools that happened to finish ahead of the Lady Monarchs were all nationally ranked: No. 9 UCLA, No. 1 UVA and No. 19 Washington State. ODU completed the Collegiate 4+ race in front of: Iowa, St. Joseph's and Brit Columbia.

The Lady Monarch finished the Collegiate Varsity race in fifth place with a time of 6:55.42. In what was a very tight race, less than 10 seconds separated Old Dominion from second place finisher, Brit Columbia (6:45.69). Miami (Fla.) was crowned the champion of the Collegiate Varsity race, as they finished in 6:36.77. ODU finished in front of San Diego State University (7:00.94) and Villanova (7:17.30).

Sunday's Results:
Varsity 8
1. Sac State (6:58.50)
2. Old Dominion (6:59.43)
3. St. Joseph's (7:04.92)
4. SMU (7:07.41)
5. KSU (7:09.43)
6. SDSU (7:15.47)
7. Villanova (7:23.28)

Varsity 4
1. KSU (7:44.80)
2. USD (7:47.46)
3. Iowa (7:52.82)
4. Texas (7:53.27)
5. St. Jospeh's (8:02.37)
6. Old Dominion (8:02.84)

Varsity 8
Coxswain - Allison Giegerich
8 - Maeghan Pardy
7 - Jenna Sterling
6 - Abigaile Voss
5 - Paige Madison
4 - Gretchen Schmitt
3 - Colleen Rennie
2 - Keira Flanagan
1 - Shannon Huff

Varsity 4
Coxswain - Lydia Cleveland
4 - Kelsea Shiner
3 - Tayler Gall
2 - Raven Howser
1 - Marisa Fruetel