Monarch Tennis Shootout Scheduled For Thursday, September 11th

September 09, 2003
By ODU Athletics

Sept. 9, 2003

Monarch Tennis Shoot Out Doubles Tournament

WHAT: Sixteen (16) doubles teams will play a regular style tennis tournament. Each team will play four matches and each match will consist of one set with a tiebreaker played at 6 all. The last place team (0-4) will receive the Roy Beskin award. The Roy Beskin award is a trophy that can be discarder in the nearest trashcan and the last place team would be asked to leave the facility extremely fast. Bonus points will be awarded for leaving your spouse or kids.

WHO: There will be 16 tennis professionals. These tennis professionals are either former touring professional, current teaching professionals, current or former high level collegiate players, or who believe they are good enough to be referred to as a professional for this event. Each professional will be playing with a so-called amateur. The amateurs are usually people who have never had to lower themselves to make a living off of tennis and play for the love of the game. The amateur for this event will usually be a highly experienced at tennis competition.

HANDICAPPING: Each pro and amateur will be handicapped using "Bisque". "Bisque" is basically a point one can take at anytime during the match. For example if a team had two "Bisque" and the team was serving 5-4 deuce the team could take two points to win the match. The pro and amateur would combine their "Bisque". The team with the highest amount of "Bisque" would subtract their opponents "Bisque" and the remaining bisque could be used at any time during the match.

WHEN: Thursday, September 11th start time is 5:00 pm.

WHERE: Virginia Beach Tennis & Country Club (Inclement weather site TBA)

AWARDS: There will be $500 for the winning team. Remember money won is twice as sweet as money earned, therefore it will feel like a $1,000. Additional prizes/awards will be added. The winning amateur will be asked to return as a guest professional for the next year. Of course they will have to find someone to make a donation to play with them.

AMATEUR FEE/DONATION: $500 donation to the Old Dominion University Intercollegiate Foundation (ODUIF). Donations to the ODUIF will also offer the appropriate level of Big Blue Benefits.

Here is the targeted list of professionals.

Celebrity Professionals:
Luke Jensen, Murphy Jensen

Young Guns:
Alex Cancado, Zoltan Csanadi, Ryan Davidson, Michael Jordan, Niclas Kohler, Miguel Rosa, Izak van der Merwe, Johan Varverud.

Local Legends:
Mitch Adler, John Atiso, Jose Benjumea Roy Beskin, Darryl Cummings, John Hill, Andy Hinkle, Britt Visser, Tony Velo, Tony Willingham

After the Monarch Tennis Shootout, Luke and Murphy Jensen will take on Old Dominion's #3 Nationally Ranked Collegiate Doubles team of Zoltan Csanadi and Izak van der Merwe.

This exhibition is estimated to start at 7:30 pm and will be a one set match.

Who will win?

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