ODU's Kyle Hutter wrestling at the Dmitry Korkin International
ODU's Kyle Hutter wrestling at the Dmitry Korkin International
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ODU's Kyle Hutter Recaps his Experience in Russia

October 17, 2013
By ODU Athletics

NORFOLK, Va. - ODU assistant coach Kyle Hutter recently competed at the Dmitry Korkin International in Yakutsk, Russia where he trained and competed against some of the best wrestlers in the world.

Just 25 years old and competing at his highest level yet, ODU assistant coach and U.S. men's freestyle wrester Hutter recently was just one of two Americans to place fifth at 55 kg/121 lbs. in men's freestyle at the annual Dmitry Korkin International. Hutter is currently competing for a final spot on the U.S National team.

During a 12 day trip, which is only 5, 447 miles away from Norfolk, Kyle arrived in Yakutsk on September 26. He stayed at their Olympic training center and had little access to the Internet. When the U.S. team of eight wrestlers arrived they only had a couple of workouts where they could train with wrestlers (and happened to be their competitors) from Russia, Finland, Turkey, Mongolia and other countries to prepare for a dual against Russia a few days later. "We had five days before the tourney and worked out with the wresters from Russia, Finland, Turkey, Mongolia," said Hutter. "We were able to work out with our competition and we had mutual respect with our opponents."

Two days later, Hutter took a six hour trip from Yakutsk to the Churapcha Village by bus and boat. The Churapcha Village is an Olympic School for younger kids. "They showed us their Olympic museum and gave us a show after our workout and making weight," said Hutter. "They are well known for Olympians from the region."

A couple days afterwards the team made it back to the training center in Yakutsk. Kyle ended up wrestling a weight up from him as he exclaimed, "The dual was very exciting as they had a whole ceremony and a ton of fans. Everyone loves wrestling here in Russia. For some reason, I ended up wrestling their guy up a weight from me and it didn't go as planned. I got caught in a trap arm and lost the match. I have a couple more days until I weigh in and get ready to wrestle in the tournament later this week."

It appeared that match was only a tune up. The tournment consisted of 45 wrestlers and over 23 different countries. On October 4, Kyle was set to wrestle again, "All weighed in and ready to wrestle tomorrow at the Dmitry Korkin International! I feel good and am excited to compete." That excitement and motivation carried over as only U.S wrestlers Hutter and Frank Perrelli placed in the tournament. Hutter won his first match against Kote Khutsishvili of Georgia, then fell in round two to Hikolay Okhlopkov of Russia. After falling to the eventual silver medalist Hutter rebounded with two straight wins over Russians Ivan Diachkovsky adn Aleksandr Zakharov. He would lose in the broze-medal bout but placed fifth and took a lot away from his experience, "We had real good competition, which brought out our weaknesses. It is a lot different than college wrestling and [overall] I was just trying to gain experience."

There is no doubt of the value Kyle Hutter brings to Old Dominion as head coach Steve Martin explained, "What Kyle has done brings tremendous value because he is setting a good example. From a coaching perspective Kyle can show an athlete why they did something wrong, and [what he is able to do Internationally] allows us to recruit at a high level."

"Going to Russia has definitely been a different experience," said Hutter. "The love they have for wrestling and its competitors is amazing. All the training here is a little bit shorter compared to back home. Training partners have been great giving us a different feel each day. One of the coaches was even telling us how he won his World Championship so we were trying to pick up new techniques from his as well."

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