July 30, 2012
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August 10, 2012

Blog #10: 5th at 2012 London Olympics

Due to lack of wind today, all racing was abandoned. We were scheduled to compete against The Netherlands for places 5th and 6th but because there was no racing, our overall scores from the earlier rounds stand and we will finish the Olympic Sailing Regatta in 5th place.  

Blog #9: It Hurts!

I'm sad to report that our dream of winning a gold medal for the USA ended today in a 3-1 loss to Team Finland in the quarterfinals. Despite coming out strong in the first race and winning by about 5 lengths, the second race we couldnt quite get around them on the last leg and the took the race and the series to advance to the semi finals.

It hurts! I can't describe how upset and disappointed we all feel, but we know we gave it our all. We sailed the best we could, and as a team are extremely strong. We gave these last three years everything we had and are extremely proud of where we have come. Team Finland have been amazing training partners and it was a bittersweet finish to our series as one of us got to go on and the other to go home. Unfortunaltey this time it was us that had to go home, so we are cheering hard for them to bring home the gold.

Blog #8: Two Quartefinal Races Today

We ended today down 0-2 against Team Finland in the opening races of the quarterfinals.  We sailed two good races, but small mistakes allowed them to take the wins from us. 

In the first race, we did a fantastic job all around the course leading them and holding off their charges. On the last downwind leg, we had them pinned to windward of us but they had broken the overlap and so we were required to sail our proper course. We did a double gybe but that didn't get us back into an overlap to be able to continue holding them out. We went for a real gybe to then go for the finish, but they didn't do what I expected them to do so I stopped the gybe half way through without telling the front of the boat and went to try and get them on starboard. We missed them and they got across the line ahead of us. It was frustrating because I tried too much, too hard; if we had just gone to the finish line there was a good chance we would have won the race.

Blog #7: Round Robin Concluded

After a relaxing day off where we got to watch some 49er racing, we came back to racing today with our final two races of the round robin. We wanted to come out and win both of them going into the quarterfinals and that's what we did, taking our score line to 8-3 overall and ranking us 4th.

We had two great races against the Swedish and the British teams. Both races were quite close all around the track because of the shifty conditions, but both Molly and Debbie did a great job of finding the breeze and shifts and allowing us to stay ahead all around the course.

Blog #6: One Race, One Win On Olympic Day 5 

We had a short day of racing today with only one race sailed again on the tricky Nothe course. Despite a forecast that suggested rain showers and super shifty winds, the day proved to be beautiful and not quite as shifty as expected.

Blog #5: 5-3 at The End of Day 4

Two races held again in tricky winds left us with a 1-1 scoreline today taking our overall record to 5-3. We had a solid race against Team New Zealand first and then a close race with Team Russia that we didn't quite hold onto. 

The wind today was again slightly different from the past few days being a little more left than we have had. This made our windward mark about 5 boatlengths from the rockwall which made the top of the course quite tricky. Our first race, we won the pin end off the line and took a couple lengths as we crossed on the first intersection to take the lead which we held around the course.

Blog #4: Getting Breezy on Day 3

Another beautiful day of sailing ended with us scoring two wins today. These points take our overall score to 4-2; we raced  against Team Finland and Team France.

We started the day with a very tight race against our training partners Team Finland. The race lead changed multiple times during the race. Team FIN led the first upwind leg after pinning us out to the port layline. But downwind we used the waves to help us make the pass by rolling over the top of them and rounding the bottom mark first. We held the lead up the second beat and around the top mark. The last downwind, however, got very exciting. We gybed to starboard, they crossed our line and gybed just to leeward of us. They sailed back up to our line and then started to affect our breeze as the wind shifted to the right. We gybed. They matched our gybe and slowly rolled over us. We held the overlap with them for a few seconds forcing the race to the right hand side of the course. They eventually broke the overlap and we had to head to the finishline. They gybed. We gbyed on their breeze. They gybed away and then back in quick succession to free up their wind and we took another step down to their line to hit them again. At this point we were able to affect their wind just enough to cross the line inches ahead of them.

Blog #3: Beautiful But Tricky Day 2

Another 1-1 day takes our overall record to 2-2 at the Olympic Games. It was another beautiful and tricky day on the water, but we sailed two very good races underneath the spectators on the Nothe course.

Our first race of the day was against Team Portugal. We were able to get a slightly better start than them and extended the lead to two lengths which we held onto for the win. Our second race against Team Australia was the most exciting one we have had in a while. It was a lot of fun, despite coming out with a loss.  

Blog #2: Mixed First Day

We sat out the first two races and then rotated in and started racing shortly after 3:30pm on the Nothe course, right under the noses of the spectators. Our first race was against Team Denmark. We had a tight race with them all around the course in the very shifty conditions but were able to extend a little right out from the second windward mark and went on to win the race to score our first point of the series.

Blog #1: 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony

We set off for London on the bus with the other teams from our village. We hit traffic about 30 miles out which caused us to start running a little late. All of a sudden, about 12 police motorcycles and 2 police cars showed up. At first we didn't know exactly what was going on, but then the traffic halted and then parted in front of us and we charged it to the village and made it in time to get dinner and get dressed in order to march.

We all had special moments/ highlights from the opening ceremony which we would love to share.

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