NCAA Tournament Press Conference

March 17, 2002
By ODU Athletics

March 17, 2002

Press Conference Audio:
Old Dominion


Head Coach Wendy Larry
"Obviously we're excited about being in the second round of the tournament. We're probably not so excited about having to play Purdue at Purdue in front of their loyal fans. We know we have a horrible task in front of us."

On general match-ups:
"I think they have tremendous back court, so I think our guard play is going to be key. I think transition is going to be key. I think the team that really defends in transition gets back against the push can also compete on the glass will win the game."

On Lucienne Berthieu:
"I think that you had the privilege of seeing her play at one of her highest points in the first round. This is the first NCAA tournament in quite some time that she's had an opportunity to participate in. One that she watched from the sidelines as we lost in the first round last year and I know she's excited about having the opportunity to contribute to this challenge. I think Berthieu has gotten healthier and more confident through the course of this season."

On contrasts between Purdue and Old Dominion:
"I think there are some good similarities in that they do like to establish an inside game. Then they allow inside out with penetration in the long ball. I would say if there's a huge difference right now based on the performance of the two teams from the night before, it would be the accuracy of the long ball from long distances."

Sharron Francis (Sr., G)
On Shereka Wright's athleticism:
"She's like the team's emotional leader. She gets things done, she works hard. She's a good guard. If I end up playing her, I'll just try to keep her off the boards because their guards are good rebounders. I'll try and keep her off the glass."


Head Coach Kristy Curry
"We are certainly excited to have another opportunity to play. We will play a very tough Old Dominion team that I don't see many weaknesses in. We'll have to bring our 'A' game."

On similarities between Old Dominion and previous opponents:
"This team reminds be of other teams in spots, but not as an entire team. Their post-play is similar to Penn State. They are close to LSU or Tulane on the perimeter. They come at you in every position with a sense of finesse. They are the best seven seed in the country. Old Dominion is one of the best teams we've seen all year."

On Old Dominion head coach Wendy Larry:
"I admire and respect Wendy. She's is one of those coaches I've watched and followed through the years. She is a great coach."

Shereka Wright (So., G/F)
On Old Dominion:
"They are very athletic and very physical. Old Dominion is a great team. It doesn't matter that we'll be playing them at home. I don't think we've played anyone like Old Dominion. They're big and quick. Taking a lot of shots is a big factor with them."

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