August 28, 2010
By ODU Athletics
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Aug. 28, 2010

NORFOLK, Va. -- As the sun begins to set on Saturday evening, so does preseason for the ODU football team. The Monarchs went back to Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard for its final preseason tune-up of the 2010 camp.

While it wasn't a full contact scrimmage, the Monarchs got a number of drills in, including red zone, 2-minute drill, on-side kicks, and various scripted drives.

In the run game, newcomers Colby Goodwyn (Hampton, Va.) and Dominique Blackman (Los Angeles, Calif.) had four carries, with Goodwyn averaging 4.8 yards per cary. Desmond Williams (Lewiston, N.C.) also averaged seven yards on a pair of runs.

In the air, newcomer Prentice Gill (Los Angeles, Calif.) and last year's leading receiver Reid Evans (Hampton, Va.) each registered four catches. Gill racked up 54 yards receiving, including a long of 37.

Evans scored one of the Monarchs' touchdowns on the afternoon with a 19-yard reception from DeMarco with the Monarchs at second down and seven. Another ODU score came from Blackman targeting Jamal Johnson (Va. Beach, Va.) for the 13-yard touchdown catch during red zone action.

The passing game saw Thomas DeMarco (Palm Desert, Calif.) and Blackman take the majority of reps. DeMarco connected on 11 of his 16 throws totaling 107 yards. Blackman found a Monarch on 11 of his 21 passes for 100 yards. Both had touchdown throws during the drills.

Although the defense was not tackling the offense, T.J. Cowart (Va. Beach, Va.) and Alex Arain (Va. Beach, Va.) each had four plays which drew the coaches to sound the whistle. Arain, along with Edmon McClam (Coward, S.C.) and Andrew Turner (Va. Beach, Va.) registered what would have been sacks on the quarterback had whistles to stop the play not sounded.

Newcomer Paul Morant (Hampton, Va.) also had a great play for the defense, making an interception and running the ball for 22 yards during a two-minute drill.

Special teams saw punter Jonathan Plisco (Newport News, Va.) boot the ball for an average of 53 yards, including a long of 57.

The field goal unit saw reps from both Drew Hareza (McDonald, Pa.) and transfer Jarod Brown (Yorktown, Va.). Hareza gave the offense three points on attempts from 32, 39, and 40, while Brown made his way through the uprights on distances of 32 and 39.


Lots and lots of things ODU football related are going on Monday.

* Student tickets for the ODU football game Sept. 4th game with Jacksonville will be made available at the Constant Center Box Office beginning on Monday, August 30th at 7 a.m. with line-up beginning at the box office at 6 a.m. NO camping out will be permitted. Students must present a valid ODU student ID. Limited guest tickets are available at $15 per ticket and limited to one per student.

* The Coors Light Bobby Wilder Coach's Show airs for the first time this Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Buffalo Wild Wings in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake. Note that the first show will be this Monday and resume back to its normal Thursday night time slot the following week. Join Coach Wilder and "The Voice of the Monarchs" Ted Alexander for some wings or call into the studio at 757-687-9494.

* Monarch All-Access will have its first events available this season. Make sure you sign up so you can watch the weekly Bobby Wilder Press Conference on Monday afternoon and listen to the Coors Light Bobby Wilder Coaches Show later in the evening.

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