WNBA Feature: Monaco Gets the Goods on Goodie

July 11, 2003
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

July 7, 2003

By Andrew Monaco

You can't miss Adrienne Goodson on the court. Sure, you can find number 15 in silver and black, but it just might be easier to look for the most emotional and energetic player, whether she's playing on the court or (supposedly) resting on the bench.

You want a winner? She's named Adrienne Goodson. As a freshman at Old Dominion, she won a national championship. Her accomplishments don't end there, however. Add to that capturing three conference crowns, being inducted into ODU's Hall of Fame in 1999, and earning all-star and all-league first team honors when she played in the ABL. She's a combination of agility and strength, versatility and toughness.

Her game and her devotion sent her to Brazil, where she played five seasons, to a number of NBA all-star games, and to the basketball hotbed Halifax, Nova Scotia. In Halifax, she played in the Justin Coward Memorial Basketball Tournament, a charity basketball game which serves to raise money for education and sports in the Halifax Regional Municipality and carry on the memory of the youngster who died at the age of 13. She didn't know Justin, but that didn't matter. She went anyway and loved being there. That's just one of the many reasons why Goodson earned the Off-season Community Assist Award.

Ask her to play and Goodie will give you everything she has. Ask her to help in the community and she'll do the same. Ask her a question and you'll definitely get an answer. Remember, this is the same person who once said after a game, "Twenty turnovers? We should open a bakery." Goodie knocks down the questions just like she knocks down shots.

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