A Player's Perspective From Rasheed Wright

September 30, 2002
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Sept. 30, 2002


The addition of Kenny Gattison to our coaching staff at the start of my junior year had more of an impact on me than I thought it would.

I obviously knew who he was from watching him play with the Charlotte Hornets, and with me being from North Carolina, I saw a lot of their games.

When I decided to come to Old Dominion to play basketball, my dad and Uncle Brian mentioned that "Gatt," which is how they reffered to him, had played for the Monarchs and was actually from their old stomping grounds of Wilmington, NC.

When he became one of my assistant coaches last season, I called them with the news, and it was then that they told me he had gone to the same high school they attended. My dad and uncle are both older than coach Gattison, but they knew him through growing up in Wilmington.

After learning all of this I feld more comfortable with the coaching change. Coach Gattison has been someone I can go to for advice and constructive criticism on the game of basketball. I can also just joke around with him.

I feel he has really helped my outlook on both basketball and life. As one who basically took the same route I am taking in basketball and made it in the NBA, he is also a driving force for me to succeed.

This gives me a lot of confidence, but a the same time, lets me know how hard I have to work.

NOTE: Rasheed Wright is a senior from Greensboro, NC. and is majoring in communications.