ODU Women In Fifth After First Day at Charleston Women's Regatta

March 01, 2008
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

March 1, 2008


CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Freshman Stephanie Roble and junior crew Alissa Ayres are in second place in A division sailing at the Charleston Women's Intersectional and paced the team to a fifth place effort after the first day. Roble and Ayres are just 14 points behind the first place team in the division. At the end of the first day in two fewer races, freshman Morgan Wilson and sophomore Ashley Brusso are in 8th place in B division.

Ayres and Roble finished among the top four boats in eight of the ten completed races on the first day, while Brusso and Wilson finished among the top ten boats in six of the eight completed races in B division. The pair in B division scored a win in the seventh race and finished with 59 total points, just 18 points outside of the top five.

ODU scored 108 total points as a team, just four points behind the third place St. Mary's team. The #11 Lady Monarchs will try to close the gap tomorrow on the regatta leading host team, College of Charleston.

ODU Results after Day One:

Old Dominion         A   2   4  11   4   3   4   4   2  12   3   49
                     B  12  10   7  12   6   7   1   4   0   0   59
                        14  28  46  62  71  82  87  93 105 108  108