August 20, 2010
By ODU Athletics
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Aug. 20, 2010

NORFOLK, Va. -- A spirited workout for the Monarchs in the morning meant a shorten practice for the squad on Friday.

"I talked to them last night about the fact that due to the weather issues that we've had," said head coach Bobby Wilder noting that his team had undergone three practices in about 20 hours. "They were obviously tired with all that has gone on. I told them if they came out with energy and the juice, we would cut periods off the practice for every spirited team period or crossover group."

A spirited practice it was as the Monarchs ended up working down the practice from two and half hours down to two hours.

The Football Monarchs got in team drills with run pressure and the coming-out or backed up drill. In trying to stop the ball, defensive end Deron Mayo (Hampton, Va.) and linebacker Darryl Brown (Va. Beach, Va.) made stops at the line of scrimmage, while Aaron Evans (Newport News, Va.) had the sidelines cheering after an interception. Running backs Desmond Williams (Windsor, N.C.) Mario Crawford (Detroit, Mich.), and Jamar Parham (Chesterfield, Va.) all had runs in helping to flip the field, while tight end James Edwards (Va. Beach, Va.) had a touchdown reception.

"This was as good a practice as we've had all season," said Wilder.


Wilder and his staff will continue to work on situation football in tomorrow scrimmage and also be taking a more in-depth look at the roster. "We still need to evaluate some guys, in particularly some freshmen and whether or not they are going to play or redshirt this season," said Wilder. "We'll get a lot reps for our younger guys and newer guys as we are still looking to develop our two-deep. It's only scrimmage two of four, so it'll primarily still be an evaluation period." Please note that scrimmages are closed to the public.

One of the most challenges aspects of the 2010 preseason has been the weather. "The adversity we've had with the rain and lightening this year hasn't even been been close compared to the last two years of camp," commented Wilder. "They've handled it well though and pushed through it."

The ODU Football Monarchs treat each scrimmage exactly like they would a real home game. One of the routines they will go through tomorrow is the "Monarch March". In case you missed out on the tradition started last season, the Monarch players and coaches march through campus on their way to Ballard Stadium for game day. The march starts two hours and 20 minutes before kick off and Kaufman Mall is a great chance to high-five your favorite player or wish the team good luck before kickoff.

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