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March 22, 2003
By ODU Athletics
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March 22, 2003

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2003 NCAA First Round
Ted Constant Convocation Center - Norfolk, Virginia

Wendy Larry, Old Dominion Head Coach:

"Wow, now that's a game. Unfortunately for Old Dominion we didn"t come up the winners on the scoreboard. I'm really proud of this team and how they worked against the number five seed."

On the four point difference:
"In hindsight, they (Boston College) were at the rim. We got a wide open look and I ask Okeisha (Howard) and Monique (Coker) to take those shots all the time. We had two opportunities down the stretch with a four point lead and even that last possession Boston College got three shots to knock it down. We talk about doing those simple things all the time. Maybe if we just got one check out they wouldn't have had three opportunities and it would have been a different story."

"We also discussed what we would do if they scored, for fear of calling the time and allowing Boston College to restructure their defense, to get something out there that we wouldn't be able to get the shot off again. I have utmost faith in Shareese (Grant) and Okeisha (Howard) to be able to cover anything in three seconds from the foul line up. We knew exactly what we were going to do coming out of the huddle and we were just late getting there."

"They have got a number of seniors that have played well together for a long time. The defensive changes helped us stay in the game, take the lead and even keep the game. It is important that you play until the buzzer. Boston College has really played some tough games in the past five or so games. They had a great deal of experience."

Recap of season:
"It was a season where we were just trying to find out who we are. I just can't say enough about this team and how proud I am of them; they are regrouping. I have had some successful teams over the years and I would have to say that there is no other team that I am more proud of."

Kim Giddens, Old Dominion Senior Forward:

On last game:
"It set in that it is over. Our college careers are coming to an end."

Okeisha Howard, Old Dominion Senior Guard:

On last game:
"I agree with Kim (Giddens), it is finally setting in that it is over. It is a battle of runs and the team that guts it out the most wins and I think they gutted it out a little more than we did."

Boston College Head Coach Cathy Inglese:

"We are extremely excited. Both teams seemed to be on fire but I was really impressed with our players and how they took care of the ball."

On Monique Coker:
"She is a tough kid. She can play inside and outside. She has the ability to be both the post player and the forward."

On the neutral site:
"That is why I give our team credit, coming in here and playing like they did. It was a great crowd and they did not have any derogatory or demeaning comments, so I think it kind of helped our players too."

On Amber Jacobs:
"Amber is a pretty mature kid and if I had talked to her she would have missed those shots, so I just stayed out of the way and let her play her game."

Becky Gottstein, Senior Forward, Boston College:

"Clare (Droesch) did a great job. I actually got the rebound and tipped it out, trying to force up a shot between big people. I just can't say enough about Amber (Jacobs). She saved our season and I am just happy to be playing another game. That last sequence really speaks to how tough we are. We wanted this game."

Amber Jacobs, Junior Guard, Boston College:

"Clare (Droesch) did a great job penetrating. I just put it up there and I was jumping up and down because it kept rattling on the rim. It was aggressive out there."