Old Dominion Versus Connecticut Postgame Quotes

March 26, 2002
By ODU Athletics
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March 26, 2002

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Old Dominions Quotes Head Coach Wendy Larry:

On contesting shots: "Absolutely not. Make reference to the fact that on the first two possessions, we missed shots on the rim. We crashed hard hoping to get second shots and we didn't finish. We had four people under the rim and they were going the other way. So we didn't have anyone contesting, really. Their first two possessions on transitions were about four-on-ones and three-on-ones."

On UCONN's passing: "Sue's passing was phenomenal. Her voice was louder than anyone's bar none. We'll miss her. Thank God for the WNBA so she can play on the next level."

On the game: "We didn't get back in transition, and we dug yourself a huge hole early and didn't get back together. Connecticut's first 20 minutes was some of the best basketball I've ever witnessed."

On Connecticut's first half shooting: "A buzzsaw."

On ODU's season: "We were a seven seed coming in and we're in the Elite Eight and that's a positive thing for our program. To play the number one team for a shot to the final four, that's tough. Our path was not easy, this was probably the most difficult game of the season."

Guard Hamchetou Maiga:

On what's going through her mind at end of career: "I was excited as a team wanted to go farther. If you look at it at one point, we did better than what was expected. But we could have gone farther. I wish I could still be playing for ODU."

On Connecticut's first half: "They were playing really well together and we didn't start out strong. We didn't answer their run in the first half, that's what got us in trouble."

Forward Lucienne Berthieu:

Containing Sue bird: "She's a leader on the floor. We knew that coming into the game. We knew we had to put the pressure on her. She just had a good game against us. We tried to put different people on her."

On her early foul trouble: "I wish I had a chance to get it back. That's something I'm going to have to take with me, and it hurt my team very much."

UCONN Quotes

Connecticut Head Coach Geno Auriemma

"We played some good basketball that first 20 minutes was about as good as you can hope to play. I'm glad we did play that way but we took a little step back there in the second half. Part of that was due to Old dominion's play that half, but this is probably as proud of a Connecticut team as I've ever been in my time here. I'm really happy for them."

"They're pretty special, if you put them together, they play off each other's strengths and hide each other's weaknesses pretty well. I'm not ready to call them the best ever, but maybe after next weekend."

"It's more a function of the way we were playing was how happy I was. The ball was moving, people were moving, it was totally different from the way we played the other night. You're not jumping up and down about how you did in the first half, but what you've got to do in the second half."

"When we signed that class four years ago, it was like preordained, they're going to four final fours, four national championship. It usually includes going to the final four. Maybe if sue hadn't gotten hurt, maybe they'd have gone to four final fours. You have to appreciate the ones that do come your way because it's so hard to get there. I understand a lot of people bought their tickets in September, and I appreciate that about our fans in Connecticut, but it's just as easy to call Priceline to get your tickets to San Antonio now. "

Sue Bird

"I wish I could pinpoint the one reason because I'd like us to play like that every game. We knew they were looking forward to this game and we were looking forward to proving ourselves and putting what they were saying to rest."

"That's just what we practice, it's great to see what we did in practice clicking in games. Everything was clicking, we were really clicking tonight. Again, I wish I could tell you the one reason that happened."

"Joy, even though there was a lot of pressure to get back to the final four. I'm just happy we're going back, and if we had lost this game it would have taken a piece of us away."

Tamika Williams

"I felt like everything was clicking. Everybody was moving, I couldn't get an offensive rebound because everything was going in."