Hoffmann Brothers Making Splash At Old Dominion

October 04, 2011
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Oct. 4, 2011

Old Dominion sailing has started its season off strong. The coed team was ranked 16th in August by Sailing World, and they have lived up to those expectations thus far. This year the team is comprised heavily of freshman and sophomores who are looking to upperclassmen to show them the ropes. Although a young team, there are two members who have a great deal of experience sailing together. Brothers Scott and Evan Hoffmann have been competing on the water since they were 11 and growing up in Escondido, California.

They got hooked on sailing through their father, who enjoys racing and sailing for fun. Their father never raced any major events, but he helped pave the way for the Hoffmann twins to do just that.

Before sailing together at ODU, Scott and Evan went their separate ways.

Scott had been in contact with former ODU sailing assistant coach Jeanne Walker Sinclair, who had worked with the Hoffmann's in California.

"She would email me telling me to come and look at the school, I finally gave in and decided to come see it and ended up really liking it," Scott remembers.

Scott attended ODU his freshman year in 2010. He traveled and sailed with the team all fall semester, but due to a broken wrist, he had to support the team from Norfolk in the spring.

During that time span his brother Evan was closer to home attending Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. They did not have a sailing team, but Evan continued to sail with the people he knew outside of school frequently. During spring break Evan decided to visit Scott, an idea their mother came up with because Evan was not content at the school he was attending.

"Point Loma was a very small school," Evan said. "When I visited ODU it was big and completely new. There was also a sailing team, so that didn't hurt."

By the summer of 2011 Scott and Evan were sailing together once again. Although ODU is a young team they both agree the program has great tradition and potential.

"Our team is definitely capable of growing and learning together over the next few years," said Scott. "We have already learned a lot from the upper classmen and hope to hit our stride come the spring season."

Old Dominion sailing head coach Mitch Brindley sees great potential in both Scott and Evan.

"The Hoffmann brothers will be key components to the success of our young team this year," Brindley stated.

Both of them bring their unique individual strengths to the team.

"Scott has great boat speed and is very intuitive on the race course, while Evan is more cognitive and deliberate tactically," Brindley says of the twins.

The Hoffmann's agree one of their favorite parts of sailing, besides winning races, is the traveling they get to be a part of. Scott really enjoyed the travels up and down the east coast last fall with the team, but considers Norfolk his favorite place to sail out of all of the places he traveled with ODU.

Evan had the opportunity to travel to Brazil and sail over the summer.

"A guy I knew was putting a team together and asked me if I was interested in going," said Evan. "It's cool knowing so many different people in the sailing community because you get lots of opportunities to sail in different exotic places."

Here at ODU Scott and Evan look to add more titles to the ones they have already acquired. As youths they won three U.S. Sailing Junior National Championships in the triple-handed division for the Sear's Cup.

Both agree that sailing will remain a part of their lives after college as well.

"It's difficult to make money as a professional, but there are many opportunities to sail in national and world championship level events and I can still have a job in economics," states Evan.

Although sailing takes up a huge part of their lives they both have individual activities they like to participate in. Scott is a huge mountain bike enthusiast, while Evan really enjoys music and even put a band together in high school.

While the brothers have a passion for activities off the water, they both recognize they may just have to be put on hold at the present moment as the duo and the rest of the Monarch sailors are directly in the middle of their extremely busy fall season, with the spring slate of competition on the horizon.