Hampton Players Talk About the Matchup With Stanford

March 16, 2012
By ODU Athletics

March 16, 2012


Opening Statement:
Certainly we are happy to be back in the NCAA tournament. It is a dream for these young ladies and myself. We had a great year, and are looking forward to playing on Saturday.

No. 16 Seed in your Backyard
I think that all year long we have done a great job of preparing for our opponents. Obviously, Stanford has a great program and we have a task on our hands. We felt we could have earned a better seed, but we are passed it and ready to play on Saturday. All I know is, there is going to be a lot of people from Hampton Roads out there tomorrow.

Letter to the Committee
At the end of the day we felt we had a successful season. Lets get this clear; we are humble honored to be in the NCAA tournament. We felt we could have a better seed, it did not work out that way, but we are just going to go out and play.

Key Matchups and Defense
Obviously, we have to box out. They are tremendous rebounders and I coached against them back in AAU. We are a pretty good defensive ball club, but I think we are ready to take on the task. We are going to put the pressure on them and play our style of basketball.

3rd Year in a row in the Tournament
I think that two of these young ladies have gone to the tournament a few times. They know what it is like to play on this stage. When we went on the bus I opened the door and I saw the girls singing. It was good to see them having fun and not being uptight.

Are you a Pressing Team, and what is your Game Plan?
Well, we are the 2nd ranked defense in the nation after only UConn. We do not press full court, but play solid man-to-man defense. We are going to need to box out and keep them off the boards, but overall our defense is solid.

MEAC Competition is Stronger then People Think
Yes, the conference had four teams with 20 win seasons. Teams in our conference beat some BCS teams, but I think what happens is when someone has success in your league it makes you think that you can do that too.

Senior Guard Jericka Jenkins

On matching up with Stanford's PG
I am just looking forward to playing and to continue to do what I am doing on the court.

Ready for this stage?
I just feel like we know what to expect from our past experiences here. We want to go out there and win.

Junior Forward Keiara Avant

On the Last 7 Games
I am just trying to be motivated and help my team anyway I can. Rebounding is key for me and I am just trying to help my team win.

Looking back to last year does the game versus Kentucky motivate you?
We learned a lot from that, but we just know that we can go out and play.

Senior Guard Choicetta McMillan

Are you ready to get out there and shoot?
Of course. On Saturday I am just going to out there and play with my teammates.

Ready for this stage?
Being here for the third time, I know what to expect. I am calm and collected and am going to go out there and have fun. Especially since it is going to be my last time.

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