ODU Sail-A-Palooza Being Held Saturday, September 22

September 19, 2007
By ODU Athletics

Sept. 19, 2007

Sail-A-Palooza - Saturday, September 22, 2007 - 8am-8pm



-         Raise money for Operation Smile

-         Take community members sailing

-         Bring attention to ODU Sailing + Operation Smile



-         Sailing begins at 8 am

-         Sailing will end at 8 pm or night fall

-         Cookout from 12pm to 2pm

-         Pizza around 6 pm to 7 pm



-         Bring money to make donations

-         Bring items for Operation Smile "bag list" (see below)



-         Be prepared to get wet

-         Bring sunscreen and bathing suit


Upon completion of their surgery, each child receives a "Smile Bag" that is filled with small sized personal care items.  These bags should be 12 inches wide by 14 inches deep (to fit a coloring book). The bags should have a drawstring placed so that they are filled from the top.  PLEASE MAIL THEM EMPTY - EVEN IF YOUR CLUB IS ALSO PROVIDING THE SUPPLIES FOR THEM.  Operation Smile has a full-time volunteer staff that fills the smile bags which ensures that each child on the same mission receives the same items.   For reporting purposes, GFWC has valued empty bags at $2.00.   Bags and supplies are valued at $10.00 - $15.00 per bag.


Each Smile Bag contains the following items:

.85 to 1.4 oz shampoo (screw on top only)                 a small stuffed animal (beanie baby size)

a small comb (no rat tails)                                                a small mirror

a new wash cloth                                                             a sample size toothpaste

a child size toothbrush                                                a hotel size bar of soap 

an 8 pack of crayons                                                            a small toy

a thin coloring book                                       


Bigger is Not Better

All items we request are the small, travel size for one simple reason--we need to pack 50 smile bags into a box.  Large personal hygiene items take up more room.


Keep It Simple

Personal hygiene items such as dental floss, lotion, and baby oil are wonderful items, however, are not included in our smile bags.  Remember--we have limited space in our boxes.  Any kind of food product, like candy and gum, is not packed for Operation Smile missions.  International shipping prohibits sending food items across international borders.  These items could cause all of are medical equipment and supplies to quarantined in the customs office.  Keep in mind as well that hand-made bean bags can not contain real beans.


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