Women's Basketball Notebook: Freshman Myeisha Hall

February 02, 2012
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Feb. 2, 2012

One visit was all it took for Myeisha Hall to know where she wanted to play college basketball. Nine hundred miles north of her home in West Palm Beach, Fla. landed her at Old Dominion University to begin her freshman year in August. Hall had never left her hometown or family before, but she knew she was more than ready to begin her new journey.

Having a difficult childhood growing up without a father and her mother always working to provide for her and her two brothers, Hall had to rely on herself and her grandmother to make it through high school.

"I made sure I worked hard at school and basketball, both became my outlet and I knew if I did well it could be my way out of Florida," said Hall.

Although things were not exactly easy upon arrival to ODU, this semester Hall says she's a lot more comfortable with college life. Managing classes, studying while practice has forced her to become strict with her time.

"It's a lot different than high school more information is being thrown at me both in class and in practice so I have had to learn to keep up," said Hall. As a freshman Hall has had a decent amount of playing time (averaging 15 minutes per game) so learning all the new information quickly was essential to her game. It was during the Northeastern game back on Jan. 8, 2012 that she really let her talent shine with 15 points, one assist and four rebounds to help the Lady Monarchs win, 73- 70.

"I knew I was capable of having a game like that it's just hard doing it while still getting used to playing here at ODU, but I am getting more and more comfortable every game so there will be more performances like that," stated Hall.

Besides her contributions on the court, Hall also brings something special to her teammates off the court. Always in a jovial mood, Hall is the one who will crack a joke at any moment.

"I love being happy and I want to see other people happy. If my teammates are having a bad day I'll crack a joke or do anything to make them laugh. Its how I've always been, just goofy and fun."

With so much time devoted to basketball and making sure her grades stay up, Hall has not had much time to explore life beyond ODU. With her first semester passing her by in a whirlwind, Hall is excited for some extra time this semester to attend some campus activities.

"I have been able to meet some people that are not on the team by attending some functions at the Webb Center and just walking around campus. Next year I'll have my car so I can see what else this area has to offer," said Hall. With summer quickly approaching, Hall already has her agenda set on what to work on to improve next season.

"I want to work on my shooting and get into the gym a lot more this summer, those two things have fallen second to my school work, so I will definitely sharpen up on them."

Besides concentrating on basketball this summer, Hall plans on making the long 900-mile journey back to her home in Florida to see her family.

"I'm really excited to see my little brother, it's been so long and I really miss him."

By Lynnette Schneider