Cummings Helps Norfolk Yacht And Country Club To 2005 Virginia Cup Title

May 02, 2005
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

May. 2, 2005

Chesapeake, Va. -- Old Dominion University tennis coach Darryl Cummings helped the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club to the 2005 Virginia Cup Title at the 11th annual tournament played at Greenbrier Country Club in Chesapeake, Virginia over the weekend.

Cummings guided the Old Dominion men's tennis team to a 15-12 overall mark and the women to a 13-14 overall record in 2005. Both teams made appearances in the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) semifinals as the third seeds in the tournament.

Team Scores: Norfolk Yacht and Country Club 18, Princess Anne Country Club 8, Country Club of Virginia 5, Greenbrier Country Club 5

Sunday, May 1, 2005 results
#1 Singles:
Niclas Kohler (NYCC) d. Britt Visser (PACC) 6-0,6-1; Keith Mumford (CCV) d. Bobby Fox (GCC) default inj.
#2 Singles: Johan Varverud (NYCC) d. Pat Lawson (GCC) 6-0,6-0; Chirs Conquest (CCV) d. Lenny Burns (PACC) 7-5,6-2
#3 Singles: Darryl Cummings (NYCC) d. Stuart Sim (PACC) 6-4,6-3; Dave Kendall (GCC) d. Walton Makepeace (CCV) 6-7,6-3,10-8
#4 Singles: Rob Brown (NYCC) d. Mike Sullivan (GCC) 6-1,6-0; Jeff Breit (PACC) d. Greg Williams (CCV) 6-4,6-2
#5 Singles: Robert Fink (NYCC) d. Kevin Beale (CCV) 6-2,6-2; John Cochrane (PACC) d. Dan Friend (GCC) 4-6,7-5,10-6
#6 Singles: Joe Antle (NYCC) d. Ricky Stevens (PACC) 6-2,6-1; Phil Meadows (GCC) d. Tom Bryan (CCV) 6-3,6-2
#1 Doubles: Kohler/Billy Brock (NYCC) d. Conquest/Williams (CCV) 4-6,6-2,10-8; Visser/Burns (PACC) d. Kendall/Lawson (GCC) 6-2,6-4
#2 Doubles: Varverud/Cummings (NYCC) d. Breit/Cochrane (PACC) 6-1,6-2; Sullivan/Pearson (GCC) d. Makepeace/Farmer (CCV) 6-1,7-5
#3 Doubles: Beskin/Scott Pachter (NYCC) d. Robert Goode/Stevens (PACC) 7-6,6-3; Bryan/Beale (CCV) d. Meadows/Friend (GCC) 2-6,7-5,10-8

Saturday, April 30, 2005 results
#1 Singles:
Niclas Kohler (NYCC) d. Keith Mumford (CCV) 7-5,6-1; Britt Visser (PACC) d. Bobby Fox (GCC) 6-3,6-2;
#2 Singles: Pat Lawson (GCC) d. Lenny Burns (PACC) 6-1,6-0; Johan Varverud (NYCC) d. Garrett Horsley (CCV) 6-2,6-1;
#3 Singles: Darryl Cummings (NYCC) d. Dave Kendall (GCC) 6-2,6-3; Stuart Sim (PACC) d. Walton Makepeace (CCV) 2-6,6-3,10-8;
#4 Singles:
Roy Beskin (NYCC) d. Jeff Breit (PACC) 6-4,6-4; Mike Sullivan (GCC) d. Kevin Beale (CCV) 6-2,6-2;
#5 Singles: David Constine (CCV) d. Dan Friend (GCC) 4-6,6-1,10-8; Rob Brown (NYCC) d. Ricky Stevens (PACC) 6-0,6-2;
#6 Singles: Pat Devine (PACC) d. Tom Bryan (CCV) 6-4,2-6,12-10; Joe Antle (NYCC) d. David Pearson (NYCC) 6-2,6-2
#1 Doubles: Kohler/Cummings (NYCC) d. Visser/Burns (PACC) 6-4,2-6,10-3; Mumford/Horsley (CCV) d. Fox/Kendall (GCC) 6-1,6-3;
#2 Doubles: Sim/Breit (PACC) d. Makepeace/Beale (CCV) 7-5,6-2; Varverud/Antle (NYCC) d. Lawson/Sullivan (GCC) 7-5,6-1;
#3 Doubles: Beskin/Scott Pachter (NYCC) d. Bryan/Constine (CCV) 6-3,6-1; Stevens/Robert Goode (PACC) d. Friend/Phil Meadows (GCC) 6-4,6-7,10-8