ODU Takes 4th Place at Virginia Duals; Leads Tournament in Match Points

January 14, 2007
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Jan. 13, 2007

HAMPTON, VA -- The Monarchs went 3-1 on day two of the Virginia Duals to take fourth place in the tournament. For the tournament, ODU finishes with a 4-2 record and improves its season record to 6-3. Nick Pullano led the Monarchs on the tournament, garnering 22 team points during a perfect 6-0 weekend. Ryan Williams and Christian Staylor each went 5-1 to help the Monarchs gather the most match points out of all 16 teams in attendance.

The Monarchs grabbed 322 match points, nearly 40 better than the next team, second place Penn State at 284. ODU also gather the second most team points, 126, to Bloomsburg's 128.

Not only did Pullano (165) lead the Monarchs in team points, but he also led the tournament in match points with 60. The junior from Great Bridge High School wrestled to three decisions, two major decisions and one technical fall.

Day Two:
Consolation Second Round: Old Dominion def. University of Virginia 26-12

The Monarchs were in for a heated first match early as they faced against rival University of Virginia. With a number of meetings on an individual basis already this season, the Monarchs were looking to defeat UVA as a team for the first time since 1994-95.

Kyle Hutter (125) stumbled against Ross Gitomer to put the Monarchs in an early 0-3 hole, but then ODU ran a string of five straight victories to go up 20-3. Among those five straight was a 1:59 pin by Chris Brown of Mike Sewell and one of Pullano's major's, a 10-2 major decision over Beau Fisher. Not to mention Christian Staylor's upset of top ten wrestler Eric Albright at 133-lbs.

ODU's 174-pounder, Derek Coffey, battled hard against Mike Grogan but was unable to earn a victory and the lead was cut to 20-6. The Monarchs then forfeited the 184-lb. weight class against the 12th ranked grappler in the nation, Rocco Caponi, and the lead was cut to eight points, 20-12.

Mendoza sealed the victory over Kyle Narkiewicz and Matt Pellar added three more team points by defeating Jack Danilkowicz in the heavyweight division.

Match Results:
125 - Ross Gitomer (UVA) def. Kyle Hutter (ODU) Dec 7-4

0-3 UVA
133 - Christian Staylor (ODU) def. Eric Albright (UVA) Dec 6-3
3-3 tie
141 - Ryan Williams (ODU) def. Kellon Balum (UVA) Dec 5-4
6-3 ODU
149 - Kaylen Baxter (ODU) def. Drew DiPasquale (UVA) Maj 19-9
10-3 ODU
157 - Chris Brown (ODU) pinned Mike Sewell (UVA) 1:59
16-3 ODU
165 - Nick Pullano (ODU) def. Beau Fisher (UVA) Maj 10-2
20-3 ODU
174 - Mike Grogan (UVA) def. Derek Coffey (ODU) Dec 4-2
20-6 ODU
184 - Rocco Caponi (UVA) wins by forfeit
20-12 ODU
197 - David Mendoza (ODU) def. Kyle Narkiewicz (UVA) Dec 9-2
23-12 ODU
HWT - Matt Pellar (ODU) def. Jack Danilkowcz (UVA) Dec 3-0
26-12 ODU

Consolation Third Round: Old Dominion def. North Dakota State 20-16
North Dakota State wrestled a lot better throughout the weekend than given credit coming into the tournament as the 16-seed. This included the matchup against the Monarchs. The matchup wouldn't be decided until the heavyweights took the mat.

Hutter suffered another loss, a major decision to ranked grappler Eric Hoffman, that put ODU down 0-4. Again Staylor and Williams responded however, and got the Monarchs a 7-4 lead heading into the 149-lb. weight class. Ryan Adams was able to defeat Kaylen Baxter 7-4 and tie the match up at seven apiece.

Brown and Pullano came up big for the Monarchs, as they did all weekend, with a major decision by Brown, and a 7-3 decision from Pullano. The two bouts gave the Monarchs a 14-7 lead as Derek Coffey faced off against CAA Rookie of the Week Doug Umbehauer.

Coffey was beat 5-1 by Matt Hermann cutting the lead to four and when Jesse Strawn was pinned in the first period by Matt Wetterling it was up to the upper weights to get it done. The pin brought NDSU right back into the match, putting them up 16-14.

Down 16-14, Mendoza put eight points on Jacob Bryce on his way to another decision giving the Monarchs a one-point edge headed into the heavyweight division. In a bout that could have eliminated ODU from the tournament, Matt Pellar stepped up his game and tallied 11 points on Justin LaGosh of NDSU and in doing so, ended the threat, winning 11-4.

Match Results:
125 - Eric Hoffman (NDSU) def. Kyle Hutter (ODU) Maj 14-6

0-4 NDSU
133 - Christian Staylor (ODU) def. Mike Meger (NDSU) Maj 10-2
4-4 tie
141 - Ryan Williams (ODU) def. Gabe Mooney (NDSU) Dec 9-4
7-4 ODU
149 - Ryan Adams (NDSU) def. Kaylen Baxter (ODU) Dec 7-4
7-7 tie
157 - Chris Brown (ODU) def. Adam Aho (NDSU) Maj 8-0
11-7 ODU
165 - Nick Pullano (ODU) def. Beau Fisher (UVA) Dec 7-3
14-7 ODU
174 - Matt Hermann (NDSU) def. Derek Coffey (ODU) Dec 5-1
14-10 ODU
184 - Matt Wetterling (NDSU) pinned Jesse Strawn (ODU) 2:20
14-16 NDSU
197 - David Mendoza (ODU) def. Jacob Bryce (NDSU) Dec 8-2
17-16 ODU
HWT - Matt Pellar (ODU) def. Justin LaGosh (NDSU) Dec 11-4
20-16 ODU

Consolation Semi-Finals: Old Dominion def. Rider University 19-18
Another one came down to Matt Pellar in the heavyweight division as the upperweights unexpectedly faltered for the Monarchs against CAA foe Rider University. The Monarchs held what is, for them, usually a comfortable lead heading into the upper weights. Going 4-2 in the first six bouts, with two majors and a technical fall, the Monarchs were up 16-6 with two of their four remaining wrestlers nationally ranked.

However, Coffey would erase the team points that Pullano's team-leading fifth technical fall earned by getting pinned in the first period. To his credit, Coffey was pinned by CAA Rookie of the Week Doug Umbehauer who is ranked 9th in the nation by W.I.N. Magazine. Then Strawn and Mendoza lost a pair of heartbreakers by two points apiece that would give Rider a 18-16 lead.

Pellar grabbed the team and threw it on his shoulders for the second time of the day. He grappled sharply against Peter Reid and with the riding time advantage point, won 4-3 to advance the Monarchs.

Match Results:
125 - Kyle Hutter (ODU) def. Thomas Lorenzo (RU) Dec 4-1

3-0 ODU
133 - Christian Staylor (ODU) def. Brian Polashuk (RU) Maj 11-0
7-0 ODU
141 - Don Fisch (RU) def. Ryan Williams (ODU) Dec 5-3
7-3 ODU
149 - Michael Kessler (RU) def. Kaylen Baxter (ODU) Dec 9-6
7-6 ODU
157 - Chris Brown (ODU) def. Nick Weaver (ODU) Maj 11-2
11-6 ODU
165 - Nick Pullano (ODU) def. Rob Morrison (RU) T. Fall 19-3
16-6 ODU
174 - Doug Umbehauer (RU) pinned Derek Coffey (ODU) 2:16
16-12 ODU
184 - Dave Miller (RU) def. Jesse Strawn (ODU) Dec 6-4
16-15 ODU
197 - T.J. Morrison def. David Mendoza (ODU) Dec 7-5
16-18 RU
HWT - Matt Pellar (ODU) def. Peter Reid (RU) Dec 4-3
19-18 ODU

Consolation Finals: Kent State University def. Old Dominion 21-14
In a re-match of the match that knocked ODU out of the championship draw yesterday saw an increase in adrenaline and excitement, but a similar result.

Hutter wrestled Sportelli a lot better in the rematch, losing only by one, 2-3. The Kent State wrestler was ranked as high as 12th this season. In the 133-lb. weight class, Staylor exacted revenge on Danny Mitcheff with a 7-2 decision to knot things up at three.

Ryan Williams finished out his weekend with another victory, a major decision over Clint Sponseller, but Kaylen Baxter was pinned in the 149-lb. class by Jason McGee. McGee got the better of Baxter on Friday in a major decision and the pin gave Kent State a 9-7 advantage. Chris Brown battled, after defeating Gross on Friday 3-2, but was unable to get a takedown late in the third period and fell 6-4.

With the Monarchs down 12-7, the match could have turned drastically were it not for a miscue by the referee in the 165-lb. weight class. Nick Pullano had Sli Bostelman on the ropes, already recording one three-point nearfall and as he pushed both of Bostelman's shoulders to the mat for a second time, the Kent State coaches had caught the attention of the referee.

Pullano maintained the hold as long as possible, but by the time the referee was back in the match, Bostelman had flipped. There was a visual sigh of relief from the Kent State bench and an uproar from the Old Dominion crowd. The junior ended with a major decision, cutting the lead to 12-11, but the two extra points a pin would have garnered might have been the momentum shift the Monarchs needed.

Instead the Monarchs went quietly after the 165-lb. class, losing three of the remaining four weight classes and falling to the Flashes 21-14.

Match Results:
125 - Chad Sportelli (KSU) def. Kyle Hutter (ODU) Dec 3-2

0-3 KSU
133 - Christian Staylor (ODU) def. Danny Mitcheff (KSU) Dec 7-2
3-3 tie
141 - Ryan Williams (ODU) def. Clint Sponseller (KSU) Maj 8-0
7-3 ODU
149 - Jason McGee (KSU) pinned Kaylen Baxter (ODU) 2:22
7-9 KSU
157 - Kurt Gross (KSU) def. Chris Brown (ODU) Dec 6-4
7-12 KSU
165 - Nick Pullano (ODU) def. Sli Bostelman (KSU) Maj 11-3
11-12 KSU
174 - Aaron Miller (KSU) def. Derek Coffey (ODU) Dec 4-2
11-15 KSU
184 - Eric Chine (KSU) def. Jesse Strawn (ODU) Dec 5-3
11-18 KSU
197 - David Mendoza (ODU) def. Tom LaRosa (KSU) Dec 6-2
14-18 KSU
HWT - Jermail Porter (KSU) def. Matt Pellar (ODU) Dec 10-3
14-21 KSU