Nate Tschohl Q&A

December 02, 2004
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Dec. 2, 2004

Nate Tschohl is a junior on the ODU men's swimming team, majoring in Criminal Justice.  Nate was named the Team MVP for the men's squad last season and was named CAA Co-Performer of the Week this year on November 8.  Nate's twin brother, Nick, is a diver for the Monarchs.  Nate Tschohl is from nearby Chesapeake, VA, where he attended Hickory High School.  He stopped by for a brief Question & Answer segment.


How does being named CAA Performer of the Week compare to being named Team MVP?

They're both pretty prestigious.  I take pride in doing both.  I think the Performer of the Week shows that you're on the same level as some of the best in the conference.


What are your goals for the season?

You can earn up to 60 points during the CAA Championships, and I'd like to get at least 55--that'd be a first, a second and a third.  As a team, I'd like to get a top three this year at the Championships.


How did you get involved in swimming?

I played baseball for about 12 years, with my twin brother (Nick).  He got pretty sick of it and our parents got us enrolled in this summer swim team.


Why did you decide to come to ODU?

I just thought it was my best option.  I had swam at ODU for a while, so I knew I wanted to swim in the CAA and I also wanted to stay in-state.  I was also impressed with Carol's recruiting of me, and her confidence in my talent.


What is it like having your brother on the team? 

It's kind of cool.  We don't practice at the same times since he's on the diving team, but it's cool to see the other side--since this is swimming and diving.  It gives me a little different perspective on it.  The divers have done great this year to help us out.  Hopefully my younger brother will join the team next year so we'll have three brothers on a Division I swimming team.


Would it be different if your brother was a swimmer as well?

It'd be cool.  We swam in high school together.  I guess the main thing would be we couldn't be in the same lane.


What is your typical day like during the season?

I wake up at 5:30, walk over to practice and swim for a couple of hours.  I go home, eat, then go to class or take a nap.  After lunch, I have another two hour practice, then I go out to lift weights.  I go home, then I relax or sometimes I have a night class. 


What do you do during your free time?

Study.  It's about the only time you have.  Study, or sit in front of the TV and chill out.


What is your favorite event to swim?  Why?

Any event that I can swim fast in; events when you hit the water, you know you'll be fast.  I guess mine is the 200 fly.  It's one of those events that lots of people can't do.  There's a lot of strategy and endurance involved.  You can't just go all out in the beginning or you'll have nothing in the final 100.


Do you have any swimming-related goals after you graduate?

I'm going to get my master's and hopefully be a graduate assistant to some college team.  I haven't decided whether I'll coach or not.  I might coach at some point after I retire from my real job.  I might go back to it.


Where has been your favorite place to travel during your ODU career?

The Florida training trip in Miami.  We get to train outside in 85 degree weather in early January.  It's good to get away from everyone and everything.  You just go to the beach in between swimming, while the rest of the team is freezing their butt off back home.


Is there another swimmer you use as a role model?

I really looked up to Mike Robbins.  I was a lot younger than he was when I was on his club team--he swam for Michigan State.  He took me under his wing and he gave me a lot of confidence.  He thought I could get to where I am.


Look for Nate and the rest of the Monarch squad this Saturday, as they host George Washington in their final home swim meet of the year.  Saturday's meet is the Scholarship and Alumni Meet and will begin at 1:00.  Admission is $5.