Old Dominion vs. VCU Quotes

February 01, 2003
By ODU Athletics

Feb. 1, 2003

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Old Dominion Head Coach Blaine Taylor

"VCU played well tonight. Doles got some threes down and he was a real shot in the arm for them down the stretch. It came down to one man, one whistle. It (the last play) was basically a foot horse race and they were off to the races. It's very different to get square in front of a guy in a race like that. We have to give them credit, they are a talented team."

"These seniors are real special to me and we have gone from the outhouse to the penthouse. No one should count their chickens before they are hatched in this race."

Old Dominion Senior Forward Ricardo Marsh:

"It would have been best for us to push it. I thought I should just finish, but I got an unfortunate call. It's great to be a part of an environment like tonight and it's easy to get fed off the crowd when we are doing good. We didn't want to feed off the crowd the wrong way when we are doing bad. Both teams were overly matched. They made some good shots and if we would have stepped our defense up a little more things might have been different."

Coach Jeff Capel, III, VCU Head Coach:

"There are big plays made for each team. Its great to get another road win. Our guys have really learned from past mistakes. When we were down we knew we were fine. A goal of ours is to play defensively every game. I thought Mike (Doles) had a good game overall. It was great execution by us."

"The Old Dominion fans were great. It really gives them a lift. It's a great atmosphere. We knew Old Dominion was one of the hottest teams in the league. Old Dominion is a very good team and they fight hard. They have very good leadership with Ricardo (Marsh) and Rasheed (Wright)."

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