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Funk Takes Second & Barkow Third At Sailing Championships

Courtesy: ODU Athletics
Release: November 18, 2001
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Nov. 18, 2001

NORFOLK, VA. -David Wright (Oakville, Ontario) of Kings Point and Amanda Clark (Shelter Island, NY.) of Connecticut College won the ICSA/Vanguard Collegiate Singlehanded North American Sailing Championships on the 16th and final races of the afternoon, held at the Old Dominion University sailing center on the Elizabeth River.

Clark (73 pts) came in first in the final race to edge out Ali Sharp (74 pts)of St. Mary's by one point and Old Dominion's Sally Barkow (Nashotah, WI.) by six to claim the Janet Lutz trophy. Going into the final race Barkow was leading by one point, but placed eight in the final race. Defending Champion Margaret Gill of Harvard was fifth with 100 points.

In the men's championships, David Wright and Old Dominion's Brad Funk (Harbor Bluffs, FL.) were tied at 59 going in to the final race. Wright took fourth, Funk ninth, giving Wright the Glen S. Foster championship trophy with 63 points.

A total of 16 men and 16 women's sailors competed in the weekend championship events, oringinally scheduled for Queen's College in Canada.

at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va.
(Final Results)

Women's Championships (After 16 Races)
1. Amanda Clark(Conn. College) 4-2-4-4-1-2-3-9-10-6-1-6-4-14-2-1=73
2. Ali Sharp (St. Mary's) 7-5-2-5-9-3-1-7-3-4-2-7-6-2-0-2=74
3. Sally Barkow(Old Dominion) 1-1-1-1-2-11-7-1-2-2-4-10-4-11-8=79
4. Corrie Clement (Old Dominion) 2-7-8-3-4-9-5-4-5-9-10-1-7-10-4-7=95
5. Margaret Gill (Harvard) 9-8-14-11-12-8-2-3-1-3-6-10-1-6-1-5=100
6. Jen Morgan (Dartmouth) 12-4-7-2-7-5-6-10-6-1-7-8-14-15-14-3=121
7. Theresa Brooks (Coast Guard) 13-12-5-8-3-1-9-5-12-ocs-12-5-8-1-5-6=122
8. Lindsay Buchan (UCSB) 3-11-6-6-6-13-8-6-8-12-15-9--5-3-8-10=128
9 Jamie Smith(St. Mary's) 14-13-10-7-6-6-10-12-7-7-4-2-2-9-10-9=128
10. Whitney Besse (Brown) 6-9-12-9-15-16-4-14-4-13-3-14-3-7-3-4=136
11. Kelly Reese(Miami-Ohio) 5-3-9-12-8-10-13-11-13-8-5-3-11-5-12-16=144
12. Jeanne Herman (Charleston) 8-6-3-14-11-4-11-2-9-5-8-15-15-16-15-11=153
13. Ashley Frush(Stanford) 10-10-13-10-13-7-15-8-11-11-9-11-9-13-6-13=169
14. Genoa Griffen(So. Florida) 11-14-11-13-14-12-12-13-14-10-11-12-13-8-16-12=196
15. Lauren Giles (Baylor) 16-15-15-15-10-14-14-15-15-14-16-16-12-11-13-14=225
16. Kristie Fenn(Washington) 15-16-16-16-16-15-16-16-16-15-14-13-16-12-7-15=234

Men's Championships (After 16 Races)
1. David Wright (Kings Point) 2-1-4-1-1-5-8-2-3-2-14-2-5-8-1-4=63
2. Brad Funk (Old Dominion) 3-2-6-2-8-6-2-1-1-1-3-1-6-6-11-9=68
3. Clay Bischoff(Harvard) 4-3-3-3-6-1-3-4-7-3-8-7-3-3-4-7=69
4. Bryan Lake (Hawaii) 6-5-8-9-11-2-4-8-8-8-9-8-2-2-5-3=98
5. Sean Doyle (Harvard) 8-4-1-6-3-3-5-6-12-9-15-12-11-7-3-1=106
6. Street Silvestri (Boston U.) 1-6-7-5-2-14-6-3-9-15-1-5-4-1-14-11=107
7. Spencer Weber (Navy) 5-8-2-4-5-4-12-5-2-6-10-16-15-4-10-15=123
8. David Kenny (Stanford) 13-11-13-13-4-7-1-10-5-4-5-13-10-11-8-13=141
9. Michael Karas (Washington) 9-9-14-7-13-11-15-14-4-13-4-4-7-10-2-8=144
10. Anthony Hudson (LSU) 7-7-10-11-7-9-10-9-14-14-6-11-12-9-7-2=145
11. Sam Lester (Conn. College) 10-16-5-10-14-10-16-7-6-5-12-9-9-14-15-5=163
12. Marcus Eagan(Charleston) 14-15-11-12-9-8-11-13-16-12-16-6-8-5-12-6=174
13. Bill Self (Texas A&M Galveston)11-10-12-8-12-13-13-11-11-11-11-3-16-15-16-10=183
14. Sean Carroll (Charleston) 16-12-9-15-15-15-14-12-13-7-7-14-1-6-13-12=190
15. Adam Dunki-Jacobs(Ohio St.) 12-13-15-16-10-12-9-16-15-16-2-10-13-13-9-16=197
16. Tim Krech (Minnesota ) 15-14-16-14-16-16-7-15-10-10-13-15-14-12-6-14=206


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