Sailing Monarchs Finish Fifth In A Division; 13th Overall at ACC Dinghy Final

November 14, 2005
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Nov. 14, 2005

NORFOLK, VA - ODU sailors Charles Higgins (Arlington, VA), Jennifer Adams (Montclair, VA), and Ryan Kozoriz (Yorktown, VA) brought home a fifth place A division finish this weekend at the Atlantic Coast Dinghy Championships with 126 points. With a 13th place finish in B division totalling 177 points, the Monarchs took 15th overall out of 18 competitors with 303 points.

The races were held at St. Mary's College with sunny skies and mostly southerly breezes ranging from 5-15 mph. Courses were Windward/Leeward and gold cups with gates, with a total of 15 races for each division.

Brown University won the event with a total of 206 points.

ODU Sailing Monarchs close out their fall 2005 season next weekend with the ICSA Singlehanded Men and Women's Championships. They start back up with their spring 2006 season in early February.

ACC Dinghy Final Results

A division = 15 Races TOT 1. Brown University 101 Charles Enright/Arlene Chung 2. Dartmouth College 103 Erick Storck/ Killarney Loufek 3. Georgetown 103 Andrew Campbell/ Carly Chamberlain 4. Tufts University 119 Dave Siegal/ Anna Martin 5. ODU 126 Charles Higgins/ Jen Adams, Ryan Kozoriz 6. Boston College 126 Adam Roberts/Aly Whitehead 7. Coll. of Charleston 129 Russ O' Reilly/Alison Trost 8. Hobart/William Smith 131 Trevor Moore/ Mandi Markee 9. Harvard University 143 Clay Johnson/Kristen Lynch 10. Washington College 144 Carl Horrocks/ Shri Pari 11. Eckerd College 145 Peter Stanton/ Tina Irwin 12. St. Mary's College 147 John Howell/ Maggie Lumkes 13. Roger Williams 151 Andy Goetting/ Kristin Pappas 14. U.S.F. 168 Kevin Reali/ Ashley Reynolds 15. U. of Pennsylvania 170 Bryce LeFort/ Aaron Dornbrand-Lo 16. MIT 172 Jack Field/ Wyman Li 17. US Naval Academy 175 Garth Fasano/ Kristen Sproat 18. USMMA KP 234 Graham Merganthaler/ Tim Cain

B division = 15 Races TOT 1. U.S.F. 78 Jesse Combs/ Tim King 2. Harvard University 85 Vincent Porter/ Ruth Schlitz 3. Brown University 105 Richard Hale/ Monica Stein 4. Georgetown 115 Chris Behm/ Nick Deane, Dan Monico 5. Boston College 115 Reed Johnson/ Julie Howe 6. Tufts University 123 Zander Kirkland/ Francine Magasinn 7. US Naval Academy 124 Gary Grimes/ Slaya Haywas 8. Roger Williams 131 David Hyer/ Maria Petrillo 9. Hobart/William Smith 140 Brian Clancy/ Laura Golson 10. St. Mary's College 142 Aubrey Mayer, John Loe/ Hilary Wiech, M. Nordhem 11. Coll. of Charleston 146 Jamie Kimbal/ Britany Haas 12. MIT 150 Jake Muhleman, Brooks Reed/ Julie Arsenault 13. Dartmouth College 170 Todd Whitehead/ Laura Sheinkopf 14. USMMA KP 175 Chris Branning/ Greer Ferguson 15. ODU 177 Bobby Noonam/Lisa Shapiro, Bryan Otis 16. U. of Pennsylvania 177 Patrick Curran/ Brianna Morgan 17. Washington College 203 Alex Hood/ Colleen Kelly 18. Eckerd College 225 Kellen Bernard/ Charolette Schou