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Harel Srugo Captures Hampton Roads 'Shoot Out' Title

Courtesy: ODU Athletics
Release: November 06, 2005
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Nov. 6, 2005

NORFOLK, VA -- Former Lady Monarch Nataly (Cahana) Fleishman and Harel Srugo, a current member of the ODU men's tennis team, won the Hampton Roads "Tennis Shootout" held at Norfolk Yacht & Country Club on Saturday, November 5th 2005.

Nataly Fleishman (Norfolk) the head pro at Norfolk Yacht and former Old Dominion All-American defeated Fernanda Luiz (Brazil) 6-2 in the finals. Harel Srugo (Israel) defeated his Old Dominion teammate Henrique Cancado (Brazil) 6-2 in the men's finals.

The clay court tournament featured a 32 men's singles draw and a 16 singles women's draw. Each match consisted of 1 set with a tiebreaker at 6 all using regular scoring. The open tournament featured collegiate players, ranked juniors, and other Hampton Roads tennis standouts.


Rd. of 32:
Harel Srugo d. Adi Shetty 6-1
Petre Krakora d. Kevin Castellow 6-0
Eric Christiansen d. Carlos Rodriguez 6-1
Damien Locombe d. Bart Grover 6-2
Adriano Mello d. Roman Del Castillio 7-5
Steven Inge d. Jeff Mascarinas 6-1
Eidy Igarashi d. Tim Baxmeyer 6-1
Henrique Cancado d. Chip Friedman 6-0
Pavel Suchy d. Jon Antle 6-1
Niclas Kohler d. Daniel Pabon 6-1
Zoltan Csanadi d. Nebyu Retta 6-0
Miroslav Vlcek d. Danny Manilla 6-1
Francesc Lleal d. Dominic Manilla 6-1

Rd. of 16:
Srugo d. Lazarte 6-1
Krakora d. Christiansen 7-6
Locombe d. Mello 6-1
Igarashi d. Inge 6-0
Cancado d. Suchy 6-3
Kohler d. Fraser 6-1
Csanadi d. Vlcek 6-4
Lleal d. Diskin 6-0

Srugo d. Krakora 6-2
Locombe d. Igarashi 6-0
Cancado d. Kohler 6-0
Lleal d. Csanadi 7-6

Srugo d. Locombe 6-4
Cancado d. Lleal 6-3

Srugo d. Cancado 6-2

Consolation Rd. of 16:
Lazarte d. Shetty 6-1
Rodriguez d. Castello 6-3
Grover d. Del Castillo 6-1
Baxmeyer d. Mascarinas 6-0
Antle d. Friedman 6-2
Fraser d. Pabon 6-4
Danny Manilla d. Retta 6-3
Diskin d. Dom Manilla 6-3

Consolation Quarters:
Rodriguez d. Lazarate 6-3
Baxmeyer d. Grover 6-4
Frasher d. Antle 6-2
Diskin d. Danny Manilla 7-6

Consolation Semifinals:
Baxmeyer d. Rodriguez 6-4
Diskin d. Frasher 6-4

Consolation Finals:
Baxmeyer d. Diskin 6-2


Rd. of 16:
Nataly Fleishman d. Kelly Maxwell 6-0
Camille Ripert d. Barbara Kerner 6-0
Alex deGuzman d. Linda Garder 6-3
Barbara Costa d. Andrea Degirumenci 6-1
Lindga Yang d. Casey Dashiell 6-0
Fernanda Luiz d. Jennifer Itonyo 6-0
Larissa Santos d. Luciana Varverud 6-3
Viktoria Konstantinova d. Kari Pope 6-0

Fleishman d. Ripert 6-1
Costa d. deGuzman 6-3
Luiz d. Yang 6-2
Konstantinova d. Santos 6-1

Fleishman d. Costa 6-3
Luiz d. Konstantinova 6-0

Fleishman d. Luiz 6-2

Consolation Quarters:
Kerner d. Maxwell 6-1
Garder d. Degirumenci 6-0
Itonyo d. Dashiell 6-3
Varverud d. Pope 6-1

Consolation Semifinals:
Garder d. Kerner 6-4
Varverud d. Itonyo 6-3


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