The Foglesong Brothers - An ODU Family Affair

October 03, 2010
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Oct. 3, 2010

THE FOGLESONG BROTHERS - AN ODU FAMILY AFFAIR... Nick and Nate Foglesong from Fredericksburg, Va., are the latest members of the family to play for The ODU Soccer Monarchs. Last year Bobby completed his four-year career at ODU. Here is a Q&A with the two current Foglesong brothers on the Monarch soccer roster.

Q. Being only two years apart, was there a childhood rivalry between you two growing up, and does it still continue today?

Nick- There was a great sibling rivalry between the both of us with everything from video games to Sports. However, we have both matured and it isn't as big today.

Q. So what is it like not only being a legacy on the soccer team but also a family legacy at ODU?

Nick- It's a great feeling to be an ODU legacy with the rest of our family and being a soccer legacy is just an added bonus for us.

Nate - It's quite an honor and makes our family proud that we are playing soccer and working towards a college degree.

Q. Where and when was the first time you started playing soccer.

Nick - I was about four. I always watched my older brothers play. I started playing in the local parks and recreation areas in Michigan.

Nate - I was about four as well, and we were living in Fredericksburg.We were all playing it and its a great sport to compete in.

Q. How do your soccer styles differ? Nick - I like to get the ball and play the first thing I see. Nate- I like to be the playmaker, create and attack to make things happen.

Q- What academic paths do you both hope to pursue at ODU? Nick - I am majoring in psychology. A good friend of mine is a counselor and I like the counseling area and helping young people. Nate - Criminal Justice is my major. I really enjoy the law and helping to protect people. Have a lot of respect for our law enforcement people.

Q. - Who is your motivator and mentor? Nick - Family and siblings are my key motivators. They have been my biggest supporters.

Nate - Being one of the younger members of the family, my older siblings are major motivators and Mentors. You want your family to be proud of you so you work hard at what you do.

Q- Who is your favorite soccer Player? Nick - Ji Sung Park, a winger from Manchester United, their first Asian born captain. Nate - Xavi Hernandez from Barcelona , he is one of the best midfielders in the world.


Birthplace: Nick - Detroit Michigan Nate: Pontiac, Michigan

High School Mascot: Nick - Indians Nate - the same

Best Soccer memory: Nick - Scoring on a penalty kick in U-12 tournament Nate - Scoring a goal against Castle (HS) to beat them.

Favorite Foods: Nick - Chipotle Nate - Pasta

What's on your IPod: Nick - No IPod. I have a CD player. Nate: Rap/ and Hip Hop.

Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry: Nick - chocolate Nate - Chocolate

If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? Nick - Rob Dyrdeck (Fantasy Factory) , because he lives the life. Nate - Xavi Hernandez, because he is the best soccer player there is.

Superpower you would like to have: Nick - Super strength Nate - Flying

Biggest Pet Peeve: Nick - People walking on their toes Nate: People stealing my snacks.