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29th Spivey Rental Scholarship Results

Courtesy: ODU Athletics
Release: June 11, 2004
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SUFFOLK, VA-- The duo of Scott Alvey and Robbie Bradshaw from Suffolk, VA. captured the Championship flight of the 29th annual Spivey Rental Scholarship Tournament Sunday. The two shot a 68 on Sunday to finish the best ball tournament with a 202, one stroke better than J.T. Belcher and Austin Teal. Larry Pinkston won the free airline tickets.

FINAL 29TH SPIVEY RENTAL SCHOLARSHIP GOLF RESULTS Sleepy Hole Golf Course, Suffolk, Va. Final results of the 29th annual Spivey Rental Scholarship Best Ball Golf tournament. Proceeds benefit the ODU scholarship program.

CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT Alvey-Bradshaw 66-68-68-202 Belcher-Teal 65-69-69-203 Ward-Augsburger 65-70-70-205 Hopkins-Rawlings 63-77-69-209 Williams-Newsome 67-73-69-209 Lowe-Britt 66-74-70-210 Rudisill-Leigh 68-74-68-210 Beaman-Blieler 71-68-72-211 Black-Adams 66-72-73-211 Going-Johnson 68-76-68-212 Wolfe-Mitchum 69-71-72-212 Phelps-Riggs 67-72-75-214 Simpson-Rull 68-74-72-214 Williams-Moore 66-82-71-219 Holland-Cutrone 72-76-72-220

1st Flight Winner Southworth-Bryant 66-75-72-213 Johnson-Johnson 68-74-75-217 Hanna-Garrington 68-77-73-218 Rudisill-Maiorana 67-79-73-219 Smith-Altman 71-77-72-220

2nd Flight Winners Pinchbeck-Blausey 69-70-73-212 Skinner-Dillon 66-73-73-212 Kubicz-Bell 69-74-71-214 Gillenwater-Bay 69-75-70-214 McDowell-Young 69-74-74-215 Vanderwarker-Monaghan 69-74-72-215

3rd Flight Winner Masterson-Bourbon 69-72-73-214 Taylor-Culver 70-75-71-216 Leahey-Rutherford 67-78-72-217 Vesperille-Francis 72-75-73-220 Evans-Radcliffe 72-82-71-225 Flora-Flora 71-79-75-225

4th Flight Winner Hunter-Howe 68-78-77-223 McCormack-McCormack 69-78-77-224 Fritschi-Coon 71-79-76-226 Crafton-Pendleton 72-84-76-232 St. Clair-St.Clair 73-83-76-232 Koziol-Marks 74-80-78-232 Plasterer-Haas 75-82-75-232

5th Flight Winner Harrell-Lindsay 74-80-80-234 Comey-Reardon 74-83-81-238 Rose-Hall 76-83-79-238 Weinketz-Davidson 73-85-80-238 McCarthy-Gartrell 73-87-79-239

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