Paul Briggs

Paul Briggs

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Video Coordinator

Paul Briggs is in his third year on the Monarch football staff where he serves as the video coordinator. He is responsible for coordinating, managing and supervising all video operations for the football program. Briggs handles all videotaping of practices and games, and also coordinates recruiting videos for the use of the coaching staff. He also assists with the filming needs of other Monarch athletic teams and oversees a staff of student workers in video operations for all sports.

Prior to his arrival at Old Dominion, Briggs served as a student videographer for all sports at the University of Memphis for seven years under video coordinators Bill Sisler, Joel Baron, and George Claiborne. He performed all video activities for the athletic department, including filming of games and practices for most sports, breaking down film and coordinating video exchanges, producing specialized film for conference officials, booster organizations and professional scouts.

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