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<!--REPLACE WITH STORY TITLE HEADLINE--> :: <!--REPLACE WITH STORY TITLE TEASER--> 2000 Old Dominion Women's Lacrosse Results

2000 Old Dominion Women's Lacrosse Results
Overall Record 5-9
Home 3-4	
Away 2-5		
Neutral 0-0		
CAA 2-4	CAA Tourney 0-0

Date	Opponent		Site	W/L	Score	Most goals		Most assists
3/8	#4 Virginia		A	L	6-15	Pam Seebald(2)		Marlaine Smith(1) Dana Wisniewski(1)
3/11	#14 Delaware		H	L	9-14	Jenna Bajus(4)		Danielle Hensil(2)
3/15	Richmond*		H	W	10-9	Marlaine Smith(3)	Pam Seebald(1),Dana Wisniewski(1)
3/18	Rutgers			H	W	9-8	Danielle Hensil(3)	Jenna Bajus(1),Danielle Hensil(1)
3/19	#19 Temple		H	L	5-10	Marlaine Smith(2)	None
3/22	#3 James Madison	H	L	7-12	Pam Seebald(2)		Pam Seebald(1)Jen Heister(2)
3/25	#1 Maryland		A	L	4-21	four with one each	Danielle Hensil(1)
3/26	American*		A	W	16-7	Jenna Bajus(3)		Pam Seebald(3), Marlaine Smith(3), Dana Wisniewski(3)
3/29	UMBC			H	W	13-12	Jen Heister(4)		Danielle Hensil(2)
4/1	#8 Loyola*		H	L	4-16	Pam Seebald(2)		Pam Seebald(1)
							Jenna Bajus(2)		Kim Calkin(1)
4/5	#20 William & Mary*	A	L	12-13	Danielle Hensil(3)	Erin Lindsey(2), Pam Seebald(3)
4/7	#13 George Mason*	A	L	10-14	Dana Wisniewski(3)	None
4/9	#11 Boston Univ.	A	L	6-10	Dana Wisniewski(3)	None
4/10	New Hampshire		A	W	8-5	Dana Wisniewski(3)	Jenna Bajus(1), Katie Heaney(1)
4/14-16 CAA Tournament (Richmond, Virginia)
4/14	vs. William & Mary	N	
4/22	Penn State		A


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