Ely Anderson
Ely Anderson
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Meet Your Monarchs: Ely Anderson Q&A

March 25, 2014
By ODU Athletics

ODUSports.com will do several stories throughout spring practice on the Monarchs.  Today's feature is on junior offensive tackle Ely Anderson.  He played in nine games last season and is currently listed as the starter at right tackle.

Did you always know you wanted to play football? Yes, my family played football and that was built into me.

Talk about the spring practices so far: They’re going good; it’s nice to have some sun out right now, its fun.

What are the main differences between practices during the spring and practices throughout the season? Spring is all about technique and refining things to get ready for the season.   During the season you already know what is going on. Right now is a little messier trying to get everyone on the same page, during the season is a little calmer.

What is the hardest thing about playing football? It would have to be the dedication that a lot of people don’t understand that comes with football.  Waking up early, being there on time, and holding your teammates accountable. 

Favorite Athlete: Matt Kalil – Offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings, I’ve always watched him and I like him a lot. 

Favorite professional sports teams: San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Lakers

What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season? The conference change, and going out and proving what we know we can do, and ultimately winning.

Why Old Dominion? Everything about Old Dominion when I came here was appealing to me.  I had teammates from my junior college that came here, Ryan Jenson and Tobin Cameron.  They spoke very highly of it.  Everything about the program, the coaches, the fans, and the overall atmosphere.    

How different is Virginia in comparison to California? It’s a lot different, mainly the weather.  It changes all the time here; like in California right now is sunny and blue skies.

Favorite thing do in your free time: Explore the outdoors, ride four wheelers, fishing… etc.

How do you manage to balance school and football? That’s definitely a hard thing, but you have to do that because that’s the reason why you’re here, to obtain an education so you just have to buckle down and hold yourself accountable.

How different is playing here in comparison to back home? The level of the game, I came from a junior college so that’s different. Back home is hotter right now and it’s freezing here so my body is still getting used to that. 

What is the one thing you thing needs work this spring season? The offensive of line we all need to start working together as a unit, and for myself: I need to do more footwork, and really focus more on my technique. 

If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive who would they be? General Stonewall Jackson, Willie Nelson, and Michael Jordan. 

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