ODU Varsity 8 with their Bronze Medals
ODU Varsity 8 with their Bronze Medals
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ODU Varsity 8 Takes Bronze at Knecht Cup, 2V8 Wins Petite Final

April 13, 2014
By ODU Athletics

PRINCETON, N.J. - The Old Dominion women's rowing Varsity Eight finished Sunday with a bronze medal after taking third in the Grand Final at Lake Mercer.

"Our team got after it today," said ODU Head Coach Dan Garbutt. "I'm looking forward to getting back to work."

ODU's top boat placed with a time of 6:50.75 on Sunday, while winning both the heat and semifinal Saturday to continue their recent stroke of success. Old Dominion beat Boston College, Drexel and Tulsa to earn third overall at the event.

The Lady Monarchs Third Varsity Eight took fifth overall in the Grand Final Sunday with a time of 7:25.05.

The Second Varsity Eight won the Petite Final Sunday with "No Ragrets" in a time of 6:59.98. The Lady Monarchs beat Central Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Boston University and West Virginia to take 7th overall in a very fast, and competitive field.

Old Dominion's Varsity Four took fourth in the Petite Final for a 10th place overall finish. The team just missed out on third with a time of 8:12.79, but managed to beat Fordham and Philadelphia.

Saturday's Results

ODU rowing's Varsity Eight won both the heat and the semifinal Saturday at the Knecht Cup to advance to the Grand Final tomorrow.

Old Dominion's Varsity Eight won the second semifinal with a time of 6:51.61 and advanced to tomorrow's Grand Final where they will be in Lane 6. The Lady Monarchs Varsity Eight also finished first in the heat with a time of 6:55.50.

ODU's Varsity Four began the day in the fourth and final heat finishing fourth in a tightly contested race as Old Dominion competed the course with a time under 8 minutes at 7:58.93.

The Varsity Eight followed up in the second heat by winning the race over Central Florida, Boston University Lwt., SMU and Canisius with a time of 6:55.50.

The Lady Monarchs Second Varsity Eight finished the third heat in third place with a time of 7:03.93, ahead of Boston University Lwt., Temple and Colgate.

The Women's Varsity Four began their semifinal with a fourth place finish, with a time of 7:44.01, while beating Alabama and West Virginia.

The Second Varsity Eight continued with an impressive fourth place finish and a time under 7 minutes at 6:58.32, ahead of UMass and Delaware.

ODU's Varsity Eight won in the second of the semifinals with a 6:51.61 finish time, ahead of Boston College, Wisconsin Lwt., Alabama, Colgate and George Mason.

Old Dominion's Third Varsity Eight finished the heat in third place with a time of 7:07.68. The Lady Monarchs beat out West Virginia and Delaware.

Final Results here- http://www.regattaworks.com/knecht/results.php?DB_OEM_ID=31100&id=127 

Sunday ODU Lineups:

Women's Varsity Four-
Cox- Megan DeHond
Stroke- Ashley Mauroff
3- Raven Woody
2- Leslie Lomax
Bow- Katarina Bauer

Women's Third Varsity Eight-
Cox- Lindsey Sanford
Stroke- Kaela Woods
7- Lauren Wright
6- Emily Hughes
5- Brett Wolff
4- May Williamson
3- Jackie Donlan
2- Sabrina Paulsen
Bow- Keolewa Puhl

Women's Second Varsity Eight-
Cox- Nicole Sicurella
Stroke- Keira Flanagan
7- Colleen Rennie
6- Ashley Nardiello
5- Shannon La Sala
4- Jessica Donlan
3- Carlie Cohen
2- Miranda Brown
Bow- Chelsea Trice

Women's Varsity Eight-
Cox- Lydia Cleveland
Stroke- Kennedy Stafford
7- Erin O'Connell
6- Paige Madison
5- Jenna Sterling
4- Kara Stephan
3- Raven Howser
2- Marisa Fruetel
Bow- Kelsea Shiner

Sunday Results:

Women's Varsity Four Petite Final Results- ODU in Lane 3
1. Drexel 8:04.65
2. Villanova 8:07.57
3. Temple 8:12.39
4. Old Dominion 8:12.79
5. Fordham 8:15.16
6. Philadelphia 8:25.13

Women's Third Varsity Eight Final Results- ODU in Lane 2
1. Central Florida 7:12.23
2. Boston College 7:14.03
3. Fordham 7:14.70
4. UMass 7:16.18
5. Old Dominion 7:25.05
6. Temple 7:37.43 

Women's Second Varsity Eight Petite Final Results- ODU in Lane 2
1. Old Dominion 6:59.98
2. Central Florida 7:03.08
3. Alabama 7:04.22
4. North Carolina 7:06.01
5. Boston University 7:06.40
6. West Virginia 7:07.18

Women's Varsity Eight Grand Final Results- ODU in Lane 6
1. UMass 6:47.65
2. Bucknell 6:49.88
3. Old Dominion 6:50.75
4. Boston College 6:52.07
5. Tulsa 6:53.07
6. Drexel 6:54.26

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