Rick Voight

From the Desk of Bobby Wilder

July 02, 2014
By ODU Athletics

How do we all define adversity? We all have our own definitions of adversity and how we handle it in our lives. Here at Old Dominion football we define adversity as a setback that is a comeback just waiting to happen!

We have had some adversity in our program recently with some poor choices by some of our players. We teach our players that choices come with consequences. We teach our players to always think about yourself, your family, Old Dominion University, and our program every time you make a choice in your life. When we face adversity as a team we attack it head on like we have done so many times in our brief history. We are 46-14 as program. That is not by accident, it is with a purpose and a resolve that has been unmatched by any program in the history of college football.

Recruited student-athletes and their parents want to be part of a disciplined program that has a philosophy like we do called “Aim High”. We are all about challenging ourselves to be the best that we can be at everything we do as people, students and football players. We will never change our disciplined philosophy, as it is what has sustained our winning ways in life and in football.

We recently welcomed 21 new student-athletes to our program for summer school. This group represents the most talented group we have ever recruited to our team. We keep getting better and better as players realize this is a great school, great location and a program that is on the rise every year.

I want all of our 12th Monarchs, the best fan base in college football, to realize we will only get better through adversity. Remember whatever does not break you, will only make you stronger as a person. I am excited for the 2014 season and what lies ahead for our football program.

I am excited for the 2014 season and what is in front of our football program in the future. Always remember to “Aim High” in everything you do in life. Attack every day to be the best that you can be at everything you do!



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