Kenan Carter
Kenan Carter
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Monarchs Wrap-up Summer Season At UWW University Nationals

June 06, 2017
By ODU Athletics

AKRON, OHIO – Alex Madrigal and Kenan Carter both picked up four wins for Old Dominion wrestling this past weekend at the UWW University Nationals freestyle tournament in Akron, Ohio.

Carter tallied four-straight wins advancing to the round of eight, before being knocked out of the championship bracket by the eventual 70 kg champion Brandon Sorensen, an NCAA qualifier from the University of Iowa. He then fell in the consolation round to another tough competitor in former NCAA Champion Jason Tsirtsis of Arizona State.

Madrigal, wrestling at 65 kilos, went 4-1 after dropping his first bout to finish the weekend 4-2. In his first match of the weekend, Madrigal was eliminated from the championship bracket be 133-lb SoCon champ and NCAA qualifier, Chris Debian. Continuing in the consolation bracket, Madrigal went on a four-win streak defeating Jordan Carson, Chance Driscoll, Kizhan Clarke and Alexander Butler. Reaching the consolation round of 16, he fell in the first round of bouts to Brendan Fitzgerald of Ohio State.

Steven Simpson and Kevin Budock each went 3-2 at the University nationals while eight grapplers went 2-2 and five finished with one win or less.

After a first round bye, Simpson won his first bout over Clarion's Brenden Howard, but fell to David Terao of American in the round of 32. He won back-to-back matches in the consolation round including a 14-4 major over Indiana's Liam Cronin. Simpson fell in his next match to 2017 NCAA All-American Ethan Lizak of Minnesota.

Budock started the weekend with back-to-back wins advancing to the round of 16 before falling to Rutger's 2017 All-American, Anthony Ashnault. He went on to win his first consolation match over Ohio State's, Brenden Fitzgerald before falling to Pittsburgh's Nicholas Zanetta.

The UWW University Nationals concluded the competitive schedule of 2016-2017 for the ODU Monarchs. For all things ODU Wrestling like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@ODUWrestling) and Instagram (@odu_wrestling)! Go Monarchs!

ODU Wrestling Results

57 – Steven Simpson – 3-2
57 Steven Simpson (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Brenden Howard (Clarion RTC), 14-13
57 David Terao (DCAC/'16 NCAA AA) VT Steven Simpson (Virginia Beach RTC), 4-2 0:48
57 Steven Simpson (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan), 12-2
57 Steven Simpson (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Liam Cronin (Hoosier WC), 14-4
57 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota Storm/'17 NCAA Runner-Up) ST Steven Simpson (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0

61 – Jaquan Loney – 2-2
61 Peter Lipari (Buxton RTC) ST Jaquan Loney (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0
61 Jaquan Loney (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Darren Eades (Panther WC RTC), 12-1
61 Jaquan Loney (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Isaac Dinette (Campbell- unattached), 12-2
61 Noah Gonser (Eastern Michigan) ST Jaquan Loney (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0

65 – Alex Madrigal – 4-2
65 Chris Debien (Chattanooga/'17 NCAA Qual.) PP Alex Madrigal (Virginia Beach RTC), 6-4
65 Alex Madrigal (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Jordan Carson (Gateway Graplin), 10-0
65 Alex Madrigal  (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Chance Driscoll (golden pride WC), 10-0
65 Alex Madrigal  (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Kizhan Clarke (DCAC), 10-0
65 Alex Madrigal  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Alexander Butler (Missouri Wrestling Foundation), 8-4
65 Brendan Fitzgerald (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) VT Alex Madrigal  (Virginia Beach RTC), 2-2 0:15

65 – Kevin Budock – 3-2
65 Kevin Budock  (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Jacob Wasser (Nebraska Golden Eagles WC), 12-2
65 Kevin Budock  (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Ryan Peters (Buffalo RTC), 10-0
65 Anthony Ashnault (SKWC/'17 NCAA AA 5th) SP Kevin Budock  (Virginia Beach RTC), 12-1
65 Kevin Budock  (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Brendan Fitzgerald (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC), 11-0
65 Nicholas Zanetta (Pittsborgh WC) PO Kevin Budock  (Virginia Beach RTC), 9-0

70 – Kenan Carter – 4-2
70 Kenan Carter  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Brandon Lapi (Buffalo RTC), 12-6
70 Kenan Carter  (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Nick Boggs (Lake Erie Storm), 11-1
70 Kenan Carter  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Josh Maruca (Sunkist Kids WC/'17 NCAA Qual.), 4-3
70 Kenan Carter  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Jake Elliott (Wyoming Wrestling RTC), 4-2
70 Brandon Sorensen (University of Iowa/'17 NCAA AA 3rd) ST Kenan Carter  (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0
70 Jason Tsirtsis (Sunkist Kids WC/'16 NCAA Qual.) ST Kenan Carter (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0

70 – Larry Early – 1-2
70 Larry Early  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Tristen Moran (OKST/Cowboy WC), 8-4
70 Cole Erickson (Coe College) VT Larry Early  (Virginia Beach RTC), 7-3
70 Geordan Martinez (OKST/Cowboy WC) PP Larry Early  (Virginia Beach RTC), 7-6

70 – Will Verallis – 2-2
70 Will Verallis  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Logan Kass (Minnesota Storm), 9-4
70 Will Verallis  (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Andrew Mauriello (Drexel), 10-0
70 Jonathan Furnas (New York RTC) ST Will Verallis  (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0
70 Kennedy Monday (Tar Heel WC) SP Will Verallis  (Virginia Beach RTC), 14-2

74 – Chris Mauriello – 2-2
74 Chris Mauriello (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Eric Fasnacht (Buffalo RTC), 10-0
74 Brendan Burnham (Terrapin WC) PP Chris Mauriello  (Virginia Beach RTC), 12-11
74 Chris Mauriello  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Jack Conway (Pennsylvania RTC), 12-10
74 Dan Kelly (Panther WC RTC) ST Chris Mauriello  (Virginia Beach RTC), 11-0 

74 – Terrell Forbes – 2-2
74 Terrell Forbes (Virginia Beach RTC) ST John Van Brill (Rutgers/'17 NCAA Qual), 10-0
74 Terrell Forbes (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Brian Hamann (Wolfpack WC/'17 NCAA Qual.), 11-9
74 Cole Walter (Lehigh Valley WC) ST Terrell Forbes (Virginia Beach RTC), 11-0
74 Stacey Davis (Wolfpack WC) ST Terrell Forbes (Virginia Beach RTC), 11-0

74 – Seldon Wright – 2-2
74 Seldon Wright (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Bryant Clagon (Broncs WC/'17 NCAA Qual.), 8-6
74 Seldon Wright (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Romollo Hidalgo (Coe College), 11-0
74 Jacen Petersen (ASU Wrestling) SP Seldon Wright (Virginia Beach RTC), 13-3
74 Dan Kelly (Panther WC RTC) SP Seldon Wright (Virginia Beach RTC), 24-13

74 – Shane Jones – 2-2
74 Shane Jones (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Nainoa Calvo (Stanford - California RTC), 12-2
74 Nate Higgins (Southern Illinois TC) PP Shane Jones (Virginia Beach RTC), 16-8
74 Shane Jones (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Josh Mossing U.S. Air Force Academy, CO (Foxfire WC), 12-5
74 Stacey Davis (Wolfpack WC) ST Shane Jones (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0

80 – Dean Drugac – 2-2
80 Dean Drugac (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Rowdy Miller (U.S. WC), 14-3
80 Jordan Kutler (Lehigh Valley WC) ST Dean Drugac  (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-0
80 Dean Drugac  (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Daniel Myers (Modern Day Gladiators), 10-0
80 Anthony Welsh (Young Guns) PP Dean Drugac  (Virginia Beach RTC), 7-3

80 – Luke Drugac – 2-2
80 Ty Schoffstall (Edinboro RTC) PP Luke Drugac  (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-8
80 Luke Drugac  (Virginia Beach RTC) PP Cameron Jacobson (Pittsburgh WC), 14-9
80 Luke Drugac  (Virginia Beach RTC) ST Lane Hinkle (golden pride WC), 10-0
80 Bryce Martin (Hoosier WC) PP Luke Drugac  (Virginia Beach RTC), 4-2

80 – Kaleab Fetahi – 0-2
80 Evan Delong (Clarion RTC) PP Kaleab Fetahi  (Virginia Beach RTC), 10-6
80 Forrest Przybysz (App State RTC/'16 NCAA Qual.) PO Kaleab Fetahi  (Virginia Beach RTC), 4-0

86 – Antonio Agee – 1-2
86 Antonio Agee  (Virginia Beach RTC) PO Spencer Irick (Hoosier WC), 6-0
86 Nicholas Gravina (Rutgers/'17 NCAA Qual.) VT Antonio Agee  (Virginia Beach RTC), 4-0
86 Alexander Deciantis (Drexel/'17 NCAA Qual.) VB Antonio Agee  (Virginia Beach RTC)

125 – Ali Wahab – 1-2
125 Demetrius Thomas (Major Decision WC) SP Ali Wahab  (Virginia Beach RTC), 13-2
125 Ali Wahab  (Virginia Beach RTC) SP Ross Sealby (Northern Illinois RTC), 14-4
125 Christian Colucci (Lehigh Valley WC) PP Ali Wahab  (Virginia Beach RTC), 8-4

125 – Will Hilliard – 0-2
125 Charles Miller (Hoosier WC) PO Will Hilliard (Virginia Beach RTC), 7-0
125 Jeramy Sweany (New York RTC/'16 NCAA Qual.) PP Will Hilliard  (Virginia Beach RTC), 9-6

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