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Varsity Four Wins Third Final at Knecht Cup

April 16, 2018
By ODU Athletics

WEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. – The 1V4 boat finished in first place in the third final of the Knecht Cup held on Mercer Lake in West Windsor Township, N.J. The Old Dominion rowing team finished a boat in second in the third final (1V8), fourth in the petite final (2V8), and sixth in the final (3V8).

"The weekend was a challenging one where the team was faced with much adversity; I believe we will be stronger going forward as a result," said head coach Dan Garbutt. 

Qualifying for the final with a 7:43.85 time, the 3V8 finished in sixth with a better time than their qualifying time of 7:29.26.

The 1V8 finished strong with a second place finish in the third final with a time of 7:03.64. The Monarchs finished in front of Jefferson, George Mason, and Duquesne.

Finishing in fourth in the petite final, the 2V8 finished with a time of 7:09.28 behind UMass, Villanova, and Duquesne.

The 2V4 took sixth in their heat posting a 9:26.39 time.

Earning a first place finish in the third final was the 1V4 boat who finished with a 8:03.91 time.

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1V8 (Second Place – Third Final)
Jillian Moran (stroke)
Olivia Taylor
Taylor Phy
Charlotte Petfield
Irena Tobola
Monica Jory
Jemima Lockie
Francesca Gonzalez (bow)
Ave’ McFadden (cox)

2V8 (Fourth Place – Petite Final)
Victoria Thies (stroke)
Alexa Williams
Danielle Yoxthimer
Jameela Lamb
Margaret Fluharty
Madeline Doherty
Erin Welsh
Haley Crispell (bow)
Monique McNealy (cox) 

1V4 (First Place – Third Final)
Autumn Murley (stroke)
Amanda Ruck
Courtney Moore
Naomi Trader (bow)
Morgan Dee (cox) 

2V4 (Sixth Place – Heat Two)
Kenya Thomas (stroke)
Rachel Miller
Emily Havrilla
Emma Looney (bow)
Jessica Lanz-Ramirez (cox) 

3V8 (Sixth Place – Final)
Autumn Smith (stroke)
Aliyah Rivers
Emma Dobson
Brooke Ripley
Autumn Broxson
Emily Sheetz
Maya Lewis
Lauren Acosta (bow)
Talya Cohen (cox)

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The Monarchs close out their regular season as they travel to George Mason to compete on Sunday, April 22.

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Irena Tobola
Taylor Phy
Jemima Lockie