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Tutchton's Success Beyond the Lacrosse Field

May 01, 2018
By ODU Athletics

NORFOLK, Va. – In the weeks leading up to the 2018 ASUN Championships, senior Cydney Tutchton received multiple academic awards for her work off the field. ODU’s Alumni Association’s Outstanding Student in Biology, ODU’s Outstanding Biology Student of the Year, and ODU’s Scholar-Athlete of the Year to name a few.

The 4.0 student-athlete is also an Old Dominion lacrosse co-captain for the 2018 season and started all 17 games this season. In her career, she has tallied 78 goals and 21 assists heading into the conference tournament. In 2016, Tutchton and her team captured the ASUN Championship, the first conference championship since 1995. 

Throughout her four years at ODU, the biology major spent nearly everyday in the library, studying for her cell bio, genetics, organic chemistry, zoology, and animal physiology classes that kept her on track for her pre-veterinary concentration. Time in the library was just a small component of her daily schedule. You could also find Tutchton at the Virginia Zoo, Cypress Creek Veterinary Hospital, the lacrosse field, or with friends.

When deciding to go to ODU, Tutchton fell in love with the resources the lacrosse program provided, which set her up for success as not only an athlete but a student, too. The Georgia native came into college with 32 credits under her belt, making the transition manageable. 

After graduation, Tutchton will continue completing her 250 hours of shadowing at Cypress Creek Veterinary Hospital and take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). In September, Tutchton will apply to veterinary school and further pursue her dream to make a difference as a veterinarian. Although the future isn’t certain, Tutchton can see herself as a marine mammal vet, helping those animals struck by boat accidents or oil spills.

“All you need in the future is a passion and to be good at what you do. At end of it, that’s all it comes down to is being good at what you do and loving it.”

Tutchton credits her vigorous schedule, supportive teammates, and love for lacrosse to her academic success.

“I don’t know if I’d be a 4.0 student without lacrosse,” said Tutchton. “My teammates were more excited than me that I got the ODU Scholar-Athlete award. I couldn’t have done it (4.0 GPA) without my teammates always being willing to come to the library with me or saying ‘let’s study’. They really support my successes more than I do.”

As her days competing on the lacrosse field wind down, the senior captain feels like she’s in a great position to move onto her next endeavor. 

“Having a team aspect, developing those qualities from being on a team, taking criticism, and learning how to balance the successes and failures, those will constantly help me in the future.”

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