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Rowing Wraps Up Action at Sunshine State Invitational

April 06, 2019
By ODU Athletics

SARASOTA, Fla. - Closing out action in the Petite Finals at the Sunshine State Invitational, the Old Dominion women's rowing team took fifth in 1V8+, 2V8+, 1V4+ finals, while the 2V4+ boat took sixth on Saturday.

"The Sunshine State Invite was an important race experience for the Monarchs, said head coach Dan Garbutt. "We are looking forward to getting back to business this week and racing in the George Mason Invite next weekend."

To open the day, the 1V8+ boat posted a 6:52.53 time, which was two seconds better than Friday's results. The 2V8+ boat also took fifth with a 7:31.28 time, which was also an improvement from Friday's time. Cutting off two seconds from their Friday heat, the 1V4+ boat took fifth in the Petite Final with a 7:53.97 time. 

Saturday Petite Final Results
1V8+ Petite Final: 1. Tulsa 6:36.30 2. Clemson 6:38.69 3. Miami 6:42.36 4. Jacksonville 6:48.14 5. Old Dominion 6:52.53 6. Stetson 6:55.98
2V8+ Petite Final: 1. Clemson 6:47.40 2. Louisville 6:58.31 3. Miami 6:59.19 4. Jacksonville 7:10.63 5. Old Dominion 7:31.28 6. Stetson 7:55.59
2V4+ Petite Final: 1. Alabama B 7:47.90 2. Central Florida B 7:48.24 3. Tulsa 7:50.32 4. Jacksonville 8:01.13 5. Clemson 8:10.70 6. Old Dominion 8:30.63
1V4+ Petite Final: 1. Kansas 7:37.20 2. Clemson 7:41.31 3. Miami 7:43.96 4. Jacksonville 7:51.64 5. Old Dominion 7:53.97 6. Stetson 8:14.61

Saturday Lineups

1V8+ 2V8+ 1V4+ 2V4+
(C) McNealy (C) Cohen (C) McFadden (C) Dee
Phy Carlisle Lockie Moore
Rascoe Jones Trader Sheetz
Demateva P. Smith Petfield Rivers
Williams Schindler Rivera-Cortes McLaughlin
Tobola Razon
Doherty Miller
Murley Ruck
Taylor Fluharty

Up Next
Rowing travels to Fairfax to compete in the George Mason Invite on Sunday, April 14. 

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