Tristan Warner is one of four Monarchs to be ranked by the MAC
Tristan Warner is one of four Monarchs to be ranked by the MAC
Rick Voight

MAC Rankings Released, ODU Has Four Wrestlers Ranked

January 09, 2014
By ODU Athletics

NORFOLK, Va. - The Mid-American Conference wrestling coaches announced the first of two January weight class individual rankings, while Old Dominion placed four wrestlers in the monthly rankings. 

At 141 pounds, Chris Mecate earned the No. 1 spot in the rankings. Monarchs Brandon Jeske (125), Alexander Richardson (149) and Tristan Warner (157) earned the No. 4 spot in the MAC January rankings.

125 - 1. Dylan Peters (UNI), 2. Jared Germaine (EMU), 3. Corey Keener (CMU), 4. Brandon Jeske (ODU).

141- 1. Chris Mecate (ODU), 2. Joey Lazor (UNI), 3. Zach Horan (CMU). 4. Tyler Small (Kent State).

149- 1. Drake Houdashelt (Missouri), 2. Tywan Claxton (Ohio), 3. Michael DePalma (Kent State), 4. Alexander Richardson (ODU).

157- 1. Ian Miller (Kent State), 2. Kyle Bradley (Missouri), 3. Luke Smith (CMU), 4. Tristan Warner (ODU).

ODU is sixth as a team in the MAC Rankings Poll for January, which is determined based on the number of first through fourth-place votes that were earned in the individual voting system. A first-place vote was worth four team points; a second-place vote earned three team points; third-place vote earned two team points, and a fourth-place vote earned one point.

2013-14 MAC Rankings Poll - January
1. Missouri (21.0)
2. Northern Iowa (20.0)
3. Ohio (17.0)
t4. Central Michigan (13.0)
t4. Kent State (13.0)
6. Old Dominion (7.0)
7. Eastern Michigan (6.0)
8. Northern Illinois (3.0)
9. Buffalo (0.0)

The Monarchs compete in the Virginia Duals tomorrow at 11 a.m. against Lock Haven, while they will also play at 3 p.m. win or lose.

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