Monarch Wrestling Drops Both Duals Saturday at Scholarship Meet

February 14, 2004
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

Feb. 14, 2004

NORFOLK, VA -The Old Dominion wrestling team dropped a pair of duals at the ODU Fieldhouse Saturday in their annual scholarship meet, to drop to 4-12 for the season overall. The Monarchs lost to UNC-Greensboro 23-19 and the University of Maryland 22-14. UNC-Greensboro was undefeated for the day, defeating Maryland 27-12 as well as ODU. The Terrapins were 1-1 for the meet.

In ODU's first dual of the day, Adam Wright (Dayton, VA/184) scored an early major decision over UNC-Greensboro's Joe Lowe to put the Monarchs up 4-0 early. Daren Burn, however, got a tech fall against John Dolida (Bridgewater, NJ/197) to put the Spartans ahead 5-4. Derrell Lorthridge (Wilmington, DE/Hwt) earned a 9-3 decision over John Kimble to put the Monarchs back up 5-4 and Jared Smith (Newport News, VA/125) earned a fall against Kyle Terrell to further extend the Monarch lead to 13-5. UNC-Greensboro came back, however, and David Johnson (5-2 decision over Billy Hayduk/133), Kevin Artis (TF 22-6 over Andy LaCroix/141) and Nate Berryman (MD 9-1 Josh Puryear/149) earned victories to put the Spartans up 17-13. Jesse Pearce (Norfolk, VA/157), however, earned a 7-3 decision over O.T. Johnson to cut the lead to 17-16 and John Adams (11-5 decision over Keith Ritter/165) put the Monarchs ahead 19-17. Charles Jones, however, pinned Matt Ulrey (St. Mary's, MI/174) to give UNC-Greensboro the 23-19 win.

The Monarchs dropped their second dual of the day, losing to Maryland 22-14. Adam Wright (184) earned a major decision against Sean Fehn to put the Monarchs up 4-0 early, but Jerry Afari came back with a major decision of his own against Rob Valentine (Alexandria, VA/197) to tie the score at 4. Derrell Lorthridge (Hwt) put the Monarchs back on top with a 15-5 major decision against Barry Stein, to give the Monarchs the 8-4 lead. Matt Pandullo earned a 12-3 major decision against Jared Smith (125) to tie the score at 8, but Chris Buckner (Chesapeake, VA/133) earned a 2-1 decision over Mike Lupa to put the Monarchs up 11-8. Jason Gribschaw, then, earned a major decision against Mike Davis (Herndon, VA/141) to put the Terrapins up 12-11. Jerad Villecco earned a 9-0 major decision over Josh Puryear (Norfolk, VA/149) to extend the lead to 16-11, but Jesse Pearce (157) earned a 6-4 overtime decision against Jason Kiessling to cut the lead to 16-14. John Antonelli (165) and Pat Cissne (174) earned consecutive 5-2 decisions against John Adams and Rob Gosnell (Warrenton, VA), respectively, to end up with the 22-14 win.

The Monarchs are back in action at home next Sunday, February 22, when they take on Delaware State at 2:00 PM.


Dual 1:

UNC-Greensboro 27, Maryland 12 Visitor/Home 184: Joe Lowe (UNCG) dec. 7-2 Sean Fehn (MD) 0/3 197: Daren Burns (UNCG) dec. 5-0 Jerry Afari (MD) 0/6 Hwt: John Kimble (UNCG) pin (3:24) Barry Stein (MD) 0/12 125: Matt Pandullo (MD) pin (5:00) Kyle Terrell (UNCG) 6/12 133: David Johnson (UNCG) dec. 9-4 Mike Lupa (MD) 6/15 141: Kevin Artis (UNCG) dec. 12-6 Jason Gribschaw (MD) 6/18 149: Jerad Villeco (MD) dec. 7-4 Nate Berryman (UNCG) 9/18 157: O.T. Johnson (UNCG) dec. 7-5 Jason Kiessling (MD) 9/21 165: John Antonelli (MD) dec. 4-1 Keith Ritter (UNCG) 12/21 174: Charles Jones (UNCG) pin (2:56) Pat Cissne (MD) 12/27

Dual 2:

UNC-Greensboro 23, Old Dominion 19 Visitor/Home 184: Adam Wright (ODU) MD 9-1 Joe Lowe (UNCG) 0/4 197: Daren Burn (UNCG) TF 21-6 John Dolida (ODU) 5/4 Hwt: Derrell Lorthridge (ODU) dec. 9-3 John Kimble (UNCG) 5/7 125: Jared Smith (ODU) pin (5:00) Kyle Terrell (UNCG) 5/13 133: David Johnson (UNCG) dec. 5-2 Billy Hayduk (ODU) 8/13 141: Kevin Artis (UNCG) TF 22-6 Andy Lacroix (ODU) 13/13 149: Nate Berryman (UNCG) MD 9-1 Josh Puryear (ODU) 17/13 157: Jesse Pearce (ODU) dec. 7-3 O.T. Johnson (UNCG) 17/16 165: John Adams (ODU) dec. 11-5 Keith Ritter (UNCG) 17/19 174: Charles Jones (UNCG) pin (5:25) Matt Ulrey (ODU) 23/19

Dual 3:

Maryland 22, Old Dominion 14

Visitor/Home 184: Adam Wright (ODU) MD 15-7 Sean Fehn (MD) 0/4 197: Jerry Afari (MD) MD 13-4 Rob Valentine (ODU) 4/4 Hwt: Derrell Lorthridge (ODU) MD 15-5 Barry Stein (ODU) 4/8 125: Matt Pandullo (MD) MD 12-3 Jared Smith (ODU) 8/8 133: Chris Buckner (ODU) dec. 2-1 Mike Lupa (MD) 8/11 141: Jason Gribschaw (MD) MD 14-5 Mike Davis (ODU) 12/11 149: Jared Villecco (MD) MD 9-0 Josh Puryear (ODU) 16/11 157: Jesse Pearce (ODU) dec. 6-4, tb Jason Kiessling (MD) 16/14 165: John Antonelli (MD) dec. 5-2 John Adams (ODU) 19/14 174: Pat Cissne (MD) dec. 5-2 Rob Gosnell (ODU) 22/14