Simons; One of the Sport's Best Ever

May 12, 2003
By ODU Athletics
ODU Sports

May 12, 2003

While watching my home state's own college great, Eric Larkin, win his first NCAA title, be voted the tournament's outstanding wrestler and named the Dan Hodge Trophy winner, I began to think of all the greats that came before Eric. When you speak of the great ones, people pretty much begin the topic with mention of Dan Gable and talk about Pat Smith, Dan Hodge or more recently Cael Sanderson. I find it sad, however, that there are current college wrestlers who have not heard of or don't know much about my choice as maybe the greatest collegiate wrestler who ever donned a singlet, and that person is none other than Elliot Gray Simons.

Gray Simons has accomplished things which no other wrestler has ever accomplished. Most will never realize the success or garner the accolades that this humble human being has accomplished.

Right out of high school, without the benefit of a redshirt year, Gray not only won the NAIA national tournament but was voted the tournament