Taylor Heinicke
Taylor Heinicke
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Taylor Heinicke Q&A

March 06, 2014
By ODU Athletics

 We will spotlight one player from each position group as we preview spring practice.  Today we talked to senior quarterback, Taylor Heinicke.

Q: What did you learn from the five FBS games you played in 2013? You have to be on top of your game every play.  Against East Carolina I thought I had a good game but it came down to that one play where I didn’t have ball security and fumbled and they returned it for a touchdown.  If you take that away and we score on that drive, it could have been a tie game.  Again, every play counts and just to not make a bad situation worse.

Q: What is it like to have the Conference USA schedule, and play a full FBS schedule?  It’s exciting.  No one is scared, we are all excited and looking forward to it.  Most of us were recruited as CAA players and the fact we get to play FBS football now is pretty cool.

Q: You have never played against 11 of these teams before, how do you handle the lack of familiarity? Again it’s exciting.  I’ve been watching these teams growing up and it’s exciting we’re going to play these guys.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Friday night game against Middle Tennessee? It’s very exciting, my running back in high school, Jordan Parker, starts at Middle Tennessee and I’ve been texting him.  It will be a fun game.

Q: Lets go back to your first-ever game at ODU when you came in at halftime for an injured Thomas DeMarco.  What do you remember from that game?  I remember four things from that game.  I remember DeMarco getting hurt and the coaches telling me to go in.  I remember my first pass, it was a hitch and I threw it over the receivers head I was so nervous.  And I remember the two touchdowns passes I threw.  I remember those four like it was yesterday and everything else is a blur.

Q: Favorite Food? Moe’s Chicken Quesadilla.

Q: Favorite Movie? Batman

Q: Dream Vacation? Las Vegas

Q: Favorite Professional Athlete? Aaron Rodgers

Q: Favorite Team? Green Bay Packers

Q: Talk about the continuity you have developed with your top three receivers, Larry Pinkard, Blair Roberts and Antonio Vaughan.  You have basically been throwing to them your entire career. I’ve been blessed to have good receivers in high school and now again in college.  Larry’s (Pinkard) been outstanding since his redshirt freshman year and same with Antonio (Vaughan) and Blair (Roberts) played as a true freshman. It is good to have that chemistry between us and we know what each other is thinking most of the time.  We’ve had a good core group and I think we’re going to have a good last year.

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