Ricky Segers
Ricky Segers
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Meet Your Monarchs: Henric Segers Q&A

April 03, 2014
By ODU Athletics

ODUSports.com will do several stories throughout spring practice on the Monarchs.  Today's feature is on sophomore kicker Henric (Ricky) Segers.  Segers looks to replace the departed Jarod Brown as the Monarch's primary kicker for kickoffs, extra points and field goals.

Q: Unlike high school football, in college you cannot use a tee for extra points and field goals, how have you adapted to the change? Coach Z (Special Teams coach Mike Zyskowski) was the one who recruited me and he really placed a big emphasis on, “can he kick off the ground?” My kicking coach Todd Cummings used to kick for Hampton University. He’s really placed a emphasis on that and through my first couple years I really made a big transition and I finally feel I’m starting to come into my own. I feel like I’m ready to step into that starting role.

Q: Why did you choose ODU? Well, you know my junior year of high school; I had no idea that this was even an option for me. I wanted to play Division I football but I wasn’t sure exactly where. Coach Z one day sent me a message on Facebook and said to come down to camp and check it out. And then you know it was kind of crazy, it was a really long journey in my recruiting process. But when it all fell into place, since I’ve gotten here I’ve really grown and sort of developed to where I’m confident now that this is where I belong. I’m really happy here.

Q: You played in the game at Georgia State two years ago, describe that experience? It was pretty surreal. The ground just felt like it was not even there when I first stepped out there. Going into that game, I had no idea that was going to be the game that I was going to play. I my parents they didn’t have to come to this game because they came to every game to support me and then obviously this one was going to be a bit of a hassle with the hotel and travel. You know, I’m so happy that they were able to be there for that because that really was a pretty great moment. It will really help me coming into this year because that first kick of the year, I’m going to go out there with the knowledge that I’ve done this before. This isn’t the first time that I’ve done this.

Q:  Have you gained any pointers from coach or the team that has improved your game? You know, when you’re a specialist you kind of are on your own with the techniques and stuff. That’s why I go to Coach Todd. But when it comes to the mental outlook, there is a lot that the coaches can do for you. A lot of that is making sure you’re confident in your scheme, confident in the guys around you, confident in the snapper and the holder. I think the fact that these coaches have put so much effort in recruiting such great guys to set me up with is amazing. Rick Lovato (Long Snapper) and Joe Pulisic (Holder) are two of the best guys I could imagine getting the opportunity to work with. I think what the coaches have done for me isn’t so much with my game, but allowing me the opportunity to succeed in what I do just by setting me up with the tools around me.

Q: Is there any particular game this season you’re looking forward to? The first one against Hampton. There kicker, Anthony Primos, is a good friend of mind. We actually work with the same kicking coach and Coach Todd is an alumnus from there and he is going to be wearing a Hampton shirt and an Old Dominion hat. So it’s going to be kind of cool that our families are going to be sitting together and its going to be a nice atmosphere for them.

Q: What is your major? I’m double majoring in accounting and finance right now. I think I want to stick with that, I’m not sure if I want to go with management but I’m still a sophomore so I have some time to decide.

Q: How did you start playing football? I played soccer for 10 years and my dad really wanted me to play football my freshman year. He wanted me to kick, because on the soccer field I wasn’t that athletic. I’m still no that athletic, but I’ve always been able to kick the ball harder than the majority of my teammates. I wanted to do it my sophomore year but I tore my ACL at the end of my freshmen year. I had to sit out and watch sophomore year and then my junior year I came in and gave it a try and sort of hit the ground running. I had a pretty good season and my coach told me I should play college football. Just going through that atmosphere in high school I just fell in love with it.

Q: What is your favorite food? Mom’s ravioli.

Q: Favorite movie? Airplane. It’s a 1980’s comedy classic.

Q: What is your favorite part of Hampton roads? I really like Ghent. It’s got a real homey feel too it. I’m from Carytown in Richmond and it’s a lot like Ghent.

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