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David Washington
Courtesy: ODU Sports

Learn About Your Monarchs: Q&A With David Washington

Courtesy: ODU Athletics
Release: August 06, 2014
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Throughout fall camp will do Q&A's with members of the Monarchs.  Today's chat is with sophomore David Washington.  Washington is the No. 2 quarterback but has also been working at wide receiver this fall.

Q: Playing quarterback most of your football career, how is the transition to also playing wide receiver?

A: It’s definitely different. I learn something new every day.

Q: What is it like playing two positions on one team?

 A: It gets tiring really easily.

 Q: What’s your favorite movie?

 A: I have two! Friday Night Lights and Coach Carter.

Q: Who is you favorite musician?

A: My brother, Matthew Williams.

 Q: If you could trade places with a football athlete who would it be?

A: Cam Newton.

Q: Who is your favorite NFL team?

A: New Orleans Saints because they drafted Reggie Bush.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment at practice this new season?

A: Having a 40-yard catch on the first practice.

Q: Where is you favorite place to go out to eat in Norfolk?

A: Dirty Buffalo.

 Q: What is your favorite meal?

A: Steak, ribs, fried chicken, my Mom’s mac and cheese and collard greens. I could go on and on.

Q: If you could trade places with someone who plays a sport other than football, who would it be?

A: Kyrie Irving, I would get to play with LeBron and get a ring.

Q: In the locker room, what has been the funniest moment?

A: Just being with the guys is always a good time.

Q: What is going to be your biggest challenge playing both positions?

A: Being ready in case anything happens.

Q: What is most exciting about playing both positions?

A: Just the fact that I do get to play both receiver and quarterback. Not many players get to do that.

Q: If you could see yourself in five years, where would you be?

A: In the NFL.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? And who would you bring?

A: I would go anywhere in Africa and I would bring my parents and my little brother.

Q: If you could pick a career that is not sport related, what would it be?

A: I would be a doctor.

Q: If you choose any to have a conversation with someone past or present who would it be?

A: My grandma

Q: Anything else you would like to say to the fans?


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