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Vincent Lowe
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Learn About Your Monarchs: Q&A With Vincent Lowe

August 17, 2014
By ODU Athletics

Throughout fall camp will do Q&A's with members of the Monarchs.  Today's chat is with freshman wide receiver, Vincent Lowe.

Q: Have you ever played a position other than wide receiver?

A: Yes, in high school I played running back. That was my main position. I have always loved playing receiver, but I was always shorter than everybody else, so I was put at running back.

Q: Why Old Dominion?

A: I did not want to go too far away from home, and Old Dominion was my best bet. The way the offense is, as you can see, they use me all over the field.

Q: Being from the Hampton Roads area, where is your favorite place to take guests when they come to visit?

A: The mall. I like to go to the mall because I like to shop. I am a heavy shopper and a sneaker head. So I love to go shopping for shoes.

Q: What is it like to play on the same team with guys you played against in high school from Oscar Smith, Tallwood and other local high schools?

A: It is actually pretty cool. There was no tension when we came here and now we are family. It’s a bond that we all get to play with each other instead of against. It is fun and cool that we don’t have to go through that awkward stage of getting to know everybody, because a majority of them you already know.

Q: What were your first thoughts when you came to an ODU game at Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium.

A: My first thoughts were, ‘how is this little stadium so loud?’ The stadium is not that big, but it is always sold out, that was my biggest reaction. My first game I really liked it. I came with my dad and I liked this atmosphere. I felt that I could be playing here and I am right in front of my family so it is a win-win situation for me.

Q: Which games of the season are you most excited to play in this season?

A: Most excited would have to be the NC State and Vanderbilt games. One, because that is big time competition and a lot of schools did not accept me because I am so short. So I want to show people that I can compete with the top competition and players in the country.

Q: What is the most difficult part about playing in the wide receiver position?

A: Here at ODU it is probably learning the playbook, which I have pretty much gotten down. It took me a while to get it but I am pretty confident in the playbook. Other than that knowing how to read the defense is the most difficult. Some people think that you can just come out here and play wide receiver but you have to know how to read the defense. That is what makes good receivers great.

Q: What have you liked most about the practices so far?

A: I love the way they use me. They use me all over the field and give me a lot of touches with the ball. I love having the ball in my hands because it is such a great overall feeling.

Q: Who is the athlete that you model your playing style after?

A: Either Tavon Austin, Reggie Bush or Percy Harvin, but my biggest right now is probably Tavon Austin.

Q: Who are your favorite NFL, MLB, and NBA teams and why are they your favorite?

A: NFL I am an Eagles fan. I am a diehard Eagles fan. I love the Phillies. And for basketball I would say I am a Clippers fans because I am a huge fan of Chris Paul.

Q: What is one major difference from playing high school football and college football?

A: The speed. The speed of the game is a lot faster. I mean I am already fast, probably one of the top three fastest on the team, but at the same time everyone can move laterally, they can move forward just the same as I can. There are a lot of fast guys in college and even though I have only played against our defense, I know sooner or later I am going to be playing against guys who are really fast.

Q: What does your scholarship mean to you?

A: My scholarship is probably the most important thing to me, because it means my parents don’t have to pay anything. I feel like my scholarship is my gift to my parents. I’d do anything for my parents and my family.

Q: What goals do have for yourself after you graduate from Old Dominion?

A: Its cliché, but I am going to say to be in the league. If not I want to be a physical therapist for some place like the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter. I want to be able to do everything I can do with football and if not I want to be around football and make money.

Q: Have you decided on a major?

A: My major would be exercise science and I am trying to pursue a degree in physical therapy. If that means staying in school longer than I am supposed to I will because I have to get my degree. That is the biggest thing, the scholarship allows me to go to college for free, get my degree for free and be blessed while I do it.

Q: If you could not play football, what sport would you attempt instead?

A: Track. I would run track. I love track. That was a big thing I did in high school. It is one of my favorite hobbies because it allows me to run as fast as I can.

Q: Do you have a favorite sports movie that you watch frequently?

A: Coach Carter, because I like that or the documentary on John Carlos and Tommie Smith about the ‘Black Power Salute’. They put their hands up in the salute after having won the gold medals in their events to then have their titles stripped. I have that poster in my room of John and Tommie.

Q: Have you ever played a musical instrument?

A: I used to play the trombone in middle school, the flute in elementary school and I played the drums too. My mom got me a drum set and I was alright but it was still fun.

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