ODU Fall Dean's List Student Recognition

January 31, 2013
By ODU Athletics

Jan. 31, 2013

By: Brendan O'Hallarn

Dean's List

Just before halftime of the men's basketball game Wednesday Jan. 30 at the Ted Constant Convocation Center, the hallway at one end positively teemed with student-athletes. They'd come to watch the basketball game (ODU would lose a close one 66-64 to Towson University). But more importantly the dozens and dozens of varsity athletes were there to be recognized for their efforts off the field of play.

In the fall semester, Old Dominion University athletics had a record total of 144 student-athletes make Dean's List honors, meaning their grade point average for the fall semester exceeded 3.4. Eighteen of those so-called jocks had perfect 4.0 for the fall.

Who are these on- and off-court stars? They're students like Nikki Clarke. The junior criminal justice major from Northern Virginia is a defender on the women's soccer team. During the fall season, if you don't find her playing or practicing with her teammates, you'll find her in the library.

"It's a challenge. It's like having a job while you go to school," she said, "but for me, I seem to do best when I'm under the gun. I like the pressure of having to manage my time. It means starting assignments earlier, doing them on road trips, taking tests before we go out of town. You have to stay completely organized."

Clarke hopes the experience helps her in her post-university career, where she hopes to work with the federal government in a justice-related position.

The athletes were recognized in a halftime ceremony at the basketball game, being greeted by President John R. Broderick, his wife Kate Broderick, Provost Carol Simpson and other university adminstrators. At the end of the entire procession of students going through and receiving their certificate of recognition, the entire floor of the basketball court was filled with performing student athletes.

It puts a disappointing men's basketball season in perspective.

Here is the full list of Dean's List student-athletes, broken down by sport:

Cheer and Dance
Megan Gallagher, Patrick Diggs, Katherine Wheeler, Kaitlyn Huett, Johanna Cecelic, Shannon Blount, Brittany Williams, Alyssa Swearingen, Emily Barnes, Jennifer Blake, Kelsey Rutledge, Kristin Anglin

Erick Baker, William Burney, Shawn Sizemore, Brandon Smith, Jorge Vega, Christopher Livers, Austin McGowan, Benjamin Slaton, James Phillips

Men's Basketball
Stuart McEwen

Devon Simmons, Frank Burdick, Aquante Thornton, Joseph Pulisic, Connor Martin, Colin McElroy, Joshua Mann, Anderson Miller, Tyler Compton

Men's Golf
Garth McGee, John Dawson, Tim Ritter, Thomas Wilde, James Brockington Samantha Morrell, Lauren Eklund, Kimberley Bradbury

Cooper Paiva, Dillon Paiva, Rachel Pokorny, Jill Fattibene, Shannon Wilkins, Carly Peterson, Grace Mason, Andrea Luna, Cady Johnson

Men's Soccer
Jordan LeBlanc, Nathan Fogelsong, Ivan Militar, Andre Reyes, Ryan Condotta, Oliver Dethier, Geoffrey Hill, Connor Miller

Jason Haigh, Danial Chalfant, Edwin Teal, Reed Mathews, Benjamin Leach, Megan Dross, Laura Cempel, Chelsea Martin, Sara McLaren, Molly Capes, Kimberley Rashleigh, Giovanna Bodner, Erla Dogg Haralsdottir, Rebecca Moyer, Morgan Johnson, Carrie Goodman, Abby Vance, Morgan Stickle, Rebekah Ewer, Ashley Luchsinger, Mackenzie Payment

Carlos Lopez Villa, Mina Saygi, Ivana Vukovic

Rodin Ndandula, Adrin Taylor, Jacob Henderson, Jacob Kingett, Matthew Tourdot, Tristan Warner

Women's Basketball
Rebecca Allison, Ashley Betz-White, Galaisha Goodhope, Mairi Buchan

Field Hockey
Emily Hartin, Maartje van Rijswijk, Julie Hodge, Danielle Clutter, Kelsey Smither, Philippine Cleton, Celine Marquet, Kimberly Oakes, Lydia Velzian, Friederike Jahns

Emily Austerberry, Christina Rea, Olivia Linehan, Kathleen Bermingham, Theresa Brady, Alexandra Danks, Jessica Liberty, Rachel Shaw, Abigail Johansen, Shelby Davis, Nicole Bellini, Alison Riccio, Karen Hayde, Margaret Clough

Mary Given, Allison Giegerich, Kiersten Stephens, Keira Flanagan, Victoria Treat, Kelsea Shiner, Shelby Favre, Lindsey Rodgers, Gretchen Schmitt, Marisa Fruetel, Tayler Gall, Shannon Huff, Brett Wolff, Paige Madison, Ashley Feaganes, Robyn Lutzkanin, Jae Johnson, Erica Herrera, Morgan Tyler, Tanesha Boulden, Jessica Young, Maeghan Pardy

Women's Soccer
Heather Schnake, Taylro Mertz, Jessica Klamut, Brooke Boland, Jordan Jones, Devin Dougherty, Halloran Rogers, Ashlee Coutu, Nikki Clarke, Sarah Price, Caroline Surv

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