Chris Mecate was ranked No. 2 in the final RPI and No. 4 in the Final Coaches Rankings
Chris Mecate was ranked No. 2 in the final RPI and No. 4 in the Final Coaches Rankings
Rick Voight

NCAA Announces Qualifier & Final Coaches' Panel Rankings

February 28, 2014
By ODU Athletics

NORFOLK, Va. - The NCAA announced the qualifier allocations for the 2014 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships.

Old Dominion featured seven wrestlers in the top-33 of both the Final Coaches Panel Rankings and the Final Rating Percentage Index (RPI). ODU's Brandon Jeske (125), Chris Mecate (141), Alexander Richardson (149), Tristan Warner (157), Billy Curling (174), Jack Dechow (184) and Kevin Beazley (197) all finished in the final top-33 of both the Final Coaches Rankings and the RPI.

Each qualifying tournament was awarded a certain amount of spots per weight class. The Mid-American Conference was awarded 41 automatic spots this year, which was third only to the Big 10 and Eastern Wrestling League.

Each wrestler was measured by their Division I winning percentage at their respective weight class, RPI and the coaches rankings. For every wrestler who met at least two of the three criteria, his qualifying tournament was awarded a qualifying spot in that particular weight class.

NCAA tournament spots for each weight within the MAC will be awarded at the MAC tournament.

MAC Qualifier Allocations by Weight Class:
125: (4)
133: (5)
141: (5)
149: (4)
157: (5)
165: (3)
174: (5)
184: (5)
197: (2)
285: (3)
TOTAL: (41)

ODU Wrestlers in the Final 2013 NCAA Division I Coaches' Rankings/RPI:
125: Brandon Jeske (No.30)- RPI: 19
141: Chris Mecate (No.4)- RPI: 2
149: Alexander Richardson (No.15)- RPI: 13
157: Tristan Warner (No.22)-RPI: 24
174: Billy Curling (No.18)-RPI: 21
184: Jack Dechow (No.18)-RPI: 10
197: Kevin Beazley (No.28)-RPI: 33

Wrestlers are measured by winning percentage, rating percentage index (RP) and coaches' rankings. The coaches' rankings are compiled by votes from coaches representing each qualifying tournament. Eligible wrestlers for the Coaches' Panel Rankings must have participated in at least five matches against Division I opponents and have wrestled within the last 30 days.

To be eligible for the RPI ranking, a wrestler must have a minimum of 17 Division I matches at a given weight class.

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 for a look at the final 2014 NCAA Division I Coaches' Panel Rankings:

Old Dominion is back in action on March 8 in Kent, Ohio, when they will compete in the first ever MAC Championships.

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